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GunNut3123 01-07-2013 07:21 PM

Remington 770 .308 *HELP*
Many of you reading this will feel compelled to tell me what a POS this gun is... you need not worry, I've already read all the reviews. But, I would love to hear about any way you have figured out how to modify it. I want to put a new stock on it (preferably one with a pistol grip) and possibly even some sort of picatinny rails toward the forend for a spring loaded bi-pod. any suggestions would help!
as always, Thanks.

hardluk1 01-08-2013 02:43 PM

Guess you could try to contact - 171c

He made thumhole stocks

JTJ 01-08-2013 04:53 PM

Boyds might be able to help you with a stock. You would have to fill out a request form. There are adapters available that attach to your swivel stud and there are bipods that attach to the swivel stud. You could also attach a scope base to the bottom of the stock if you want a rail.

John_Deer 01-08-2013 07:20 PM

Not trying to discourage you. Just looking out for your best interest. Save your money and buy a rifle you like. You are not going to recover your money for the stock if you want to sell the 770. I would keep the original stock in case you want to sell the 770. I have shot several 770's myself I don't know why everyone knocks them. With a 4x scope I can drill golf balls 200 yards away with a 770. I don't think the haters are shooting that well without a rest.

Watch the sales at brownells, midway usa and ebay. You will find a nice stock for the money you want to spend. You will like a thumb hole stock that fits your hand much more than a stock with a pistol grip. Laminate stocks are heavier than the composite stocks but laminate stocks shoot much better. You can find a laminate thumb hole stock for around $120 without a lot of effort.

GunNut3123 01-08-2013 07:45 PM

Thanks for all of the suggestions! I keep reading that, because the barrel and action are press-fitted it will be hard to replace the stock. Does anyone have opinions or experience that suggests otherwise? Also, I love the gun, I think it's great. I only made my first comment because I know that my thread title reading "Remington 770 *HELP*" would attract some people who do not like the gun. As far as me wanting to change some stuff around on it... Well, I just want to do that because I'm bored with the way it looks. I can't really decide if I want to turn it into a wooden stocked gun that looks like your grandpa's rifle, or sport it up a bit and through some more tactical looking stuff on it. Either way, I just need(ed) some help figuring out where to start. CTD didn't have hardly anything and they are my main go to...
Thanks again

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