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shoez 04-17-2009 12:42 AM

Remington 742's: Are they Junk?
My local gun shop has a few 742's in 30-06 and I thought I might need one. But after a little research online, it seems that these things had some serious accuracy and reliability issues. Crazy stuff like recievers wearing out and not holding zero. I don't want to buy a pos. I know this gun has been around a long time, and became more refined with the 7400. All the 742's he has are obviously used, but a couple are real nice and I thought I could get into a semi auto 30-06 for about a grand less than an M1. Just for casual shooting and the rare hog hunt, not combat or anything. Anybody got anything to contribute?

Gene Langston 04-18-2009 04:23 PM

They've killed a lot of deer around here. I don't think they're the best casual plinking rifle, as the receiver reportedly gets battered a bit from the bolt. Which, as I've heard, kinda affects them after a lot of rounds.

I've never owned one, but have shot them and known many guys who had them and swear by them. They're in no way like a Garand, but for your uses, and if the price is right, why not go for it.

CA357 04-18-2009 05:07 PM

I've had two of them. They're good rifles. If it's a good price and in excellent condition, buy it. You'll like it.

The most common mistake people make is to shoot ammunition that's too hot and that messes them up. Stick to standard hunting loads and it will be fine and quite serviceable.

As far as accuracy, it will hit minute of deer all day long. They aren't as accurate as a good bolt gun, but they do the job. They're hunting rifles, not M1's, so don't treat it like a battle rifle. Keep it clean and lubed and you can pass it on your grandchildren.

rugermike 04-18-2009 05:41 PM

Not bad but better out there!
742's have a soft face surface on the barrel that the bolt will and does hammer with excessive shooting of hot loads. The face can be reground or resurfaced and fixed, however if you plan to shoot alot I would suggest lighter loads and lighter bullet weight. Otherwise you will be visiting one of us gunsmith quite a bit. I will also say most are pretty accurate with the right load combinations, from my experience and they are kickers with heavy loads because they are so light and only have a butt plate and straight stocks.:eek::eek:
But again this is JMO:rolleyes:

shoez 04-19-2009 02:27 AM

Thanks guys. That is the kind of info I needed. I would not be shooting hot loads in it. I handload and my loads are rarely maximum loads. Have often found that the most accurate load is not the max load. I would estimate that it would see about 200 to 300 rounds a year. Alot more than the average deer hunter, but nothing like I shoot from my 223's. I may just go around these problems and find a 760 pump. Seems to be lots of those around too.

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