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huntingden 05-10-2009 01:56 PM

Reming Model 7 Advice
Hi guys, I just joined up.I am wondering if anybody has any suggestions I might try on a Model 7 SS/Synthetic 7MM-08 I bought a few months back.It is an Adult Model SS Barrel/Synthetic Stock.The Gun is excellent except for one detail. On the bottom of the Magazine plate there seems to be a mild amount of discoloration on the Stainless Steel Magazine Bottom or Plate.The part that a lot of people would carry the rifle by.I am thinking somebody has carried it and the sweat from the hand when walking/hunting may have discolored it a mild amount.It had a small amount of tarnish/rust trying to form on one of the flat plates that dangle down once the Magazine button is depressed.I used Brasso with only a soft cloth and it cleaned up excellent.On the bottom I was discussing would I have to have the discoloration buffed out or does anybody have any things they feel would work.I want the Rifle to be 100 % if the Costs is not a lot.I am considering POSSIBBLY selling the little Rifle.I had to hunt forever to find this little Rifle.So I would have to think VERY hard about it.It was bought in the Fall of 2007 new.I bought it off of GunBroker paying the Buy It Now price.The Brand ,Mass Weight, and Caliber along with the obviously non factory 2.5-2. 9 lb Trigger Pull are all things to consider.It also came with a Leupold Standard Base Mount.I have a Scope and set of High rings I have not opened yet.I let one friend of mine look at it and once he felt the Trigger he was amazed.He was a Sheriffs Deputy 8 years and is one of those 2 percentile individuals with an I.Q. of about 142.One of those type people "Gifted" by the good Lord who can do almost anything he wants.Anyway he told me the Trigger had definitely had work done on it.Best Rifle Trigger I have ever felt and I am no bog bragging type man just being honest.It does not have a bit of creep and is smooth as can be.I measured the trigger pull and was not suprised.I knew it was light.It measured 2.5 lbs-2.8 I used a expensive fish scale to check it.I do not have a Trigger pull psi checker per se.It is a 7MM-08 and it weighs 6 lbs.,two to three onces.That is weighing it the way it come with just the Leupold standard one piece base mount.Anyway I know I have written to much.I am out of here.Sincerely,:):)huntingden

huntingden 05-10-2009 02:12 PM

Posting to forum
Hi guys, Sorry to bother but if it is not allowed to Post in the invisible mode please accept my apologies to moderators,administrators and everybody.If I goofed up I will NOT do it again.Sincerely,huntingden

stalkingbear 05-10-2009 06:12 PM

Just polish with a Dremel to remove the discoloration. Then lightly oil it to prevent it from happening again. For a hunting rifle, I wouldn't even worry about it anyway on an stainless gun however.

huntingden 05-11-2009 12:36 AM

Hello, This may sound and even be a dumb question but what is Dremel and where can I buy it.Thanks,huntingden

stalkingbear 05-11-2009 01:04 AM

Not a dumb question at all. A dremel tool is like a small hand held grinder/sander/polisher that discount stores like wal-mart carry, and are very handy for working on guns or something like that. Most well stocked hardware stores usually carry them as well. the thing to do is use a polishing wheel so that you're not removing metal,just polishing it. They run from 35$ (fixed speed) to about 60$ for the variable speed model.

robocop10mm 05-11-2009 01:14 AM

Try some Flitz metal polish. Very mild abrasive and leaves a protective film.

dogwalk 05-17-2009 08:47 PM

Rem. Mod. 7
Welcome aboard. I have the same rifle in .308 Win. and love it. I would recommend the lowest rings for your scope. With high scope rings your face is forced off the stock and when that happens, the recoil is going to bring that scope back into your face and hurt you. I had a 7mm Mag break my nose years ago and that was my wake-up call. Enjoy, Dogwalk

divinginn 05-18-2009 03:52 PM

Those model 7s are one sweet deer rifle,I have one in a 308 cal. have been hunting with it for over 20 years. I would not trade that rifle for any other and would be the very last to go if I ever had to get rid of my guns. You would probably regret selling it if you did.

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