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gunny134 07-09-2013 09:42 PM

Reloads in a Marlin
My dad wants to get a .30-30 Marlin with a scope for his next gun and wanted to know if he could use reloaded ammo in it. And is $350 a good price for a new one with a decent scope on it?

texaswoodworker 07-09-2013 09:57 PM

Depending on the exact model, $350 sounds pretty fair. Yes, you can you reloaded ammo in one.

Just checked Gunbroker. Marlin 336 30-30s are listed at around $400-$500, so it sounds like $350 would be a pretty good deal if that's what it is.

spottedpony 07-09-2013 10:03 PM

Just remember to use only round nose or flat nosed bullets in any weapon with a tube magazine to prevent recoil caused chain fire a pointed bullet could cause in the mag. If you do load a sharp pointed bullet load them in the rifle chamber one at a time.

SSGN_Doc 07-09-2013 10:27 PM

My .30-30 Marlins have all liked good handloads over factory ammo. Hornady LeverEvolution rounds are about the next best shooting, but they do add some range because if the powder blend they use and the pointed bullets with rubber tips.

I've bought used ones at $250-$300 depending on condition. So, $350 new sounds pretty good. Just hope it doesn't have those super high "shoot through" scope rings. Those are garbage because you can hardly get a good cheek weld if you use the scope.

SSGN_Doc 07-09-2013 10:31 PM

Also, .30-30 can be a bit finick in reloading. It requires a good enough crimp to hold the bullet in the neck under recoil, but if you over crimp it it can cause the shoulder to bucke a bit, and make chambering hard or impossible. So it takes, getting a feel for the right crimp.

Axxe55 07-09-2013 10:36 PM

any new Marlin 336 with a scope would be a good buy at #350 IMO.

lots of people handload 30-30 for their Marlins. one bullet i would suggest trying is the newer Hornady LeverRevolution bullets. they were made just for lever actions.

the Marlin 336 is a solid and well built lever action and has an excellent reputation. i have owned a couple in the past and was never disappointed with them. very good choice for a rifle.

gunny134 07-10-2013 01:12 PM

Alright, thanks guys for all of the in put, I'll be sure to tell my Dad, and I reload my 30-30 and we could just share the ammo.

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