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Txhillbilly 04-19-2009 10:13 PM

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Alright guys & gals,I finally was able to find some time to go shoot my Savage 110FLP 300 Win Mag. I went up to Gainsville,Tx. and picked up my cousin Larry,and we went out to a friends ranch about 25 miles away. It was a beautiful day to shoot except for the wind.It was blowing around 8-12 mph which wasn't bad,but it was changing directions from time to time,so our longer range shots didn't fare as well as I wanted,but what the hell,we had a blast and shot all day.
I had worked up several loads using H4350 powder,and 168gr BTHP Match Bullets. I started with 67gr,68gr,69gr,& 70gr powder charges.
This gun shoots a lot better than I will ever be able to,and it is sweet to shoot,with the weighted Choate stock,it has almost no felt recoil,until I shot the 70gr powder loads,and then it become awake with recoil.

All of these targets were shot at 100yrds,the wind was really going crazy changing directions when we shot at longer ranges,so I won't post pics of them,they weren't very good in my opinion.

The pics are in load order 67gr,68gr,69gr & 70gr.

Txhillbilly 04-19-2009 10:18 PM

Here are the 69gr & 70gr pics
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69gr & 70gr loads, The 69gr loads were the best,with the exception of the one pulled shot,hell 3 rds are together.

Catfish 04-22-2009 11:26 PM

It looks like you`ve got pretty good field accuracy, but with alittle work I`ll bet you will have it down to a very good varmint accuracy. If you just bed the action, float the barrel and adjust the trigger I`ll guess between 1/2 and 3/4 in max. average.

Txhillbilly 04-23-2009 06:17 AM

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Catfish, I really don't think I will ever go varmit hunting with a 300 Win Mag. I do go elk & deer hunting with'em though. I have many smaller calibers that work just fine for varmits. I just finished this rifle,and worked up some loads to see how it would shoot.I'm not nor will ever be a shooter that cares about shooting sub 1/2" groups,the gun will probably do it.
The stock is bedded,the barrel is floated,and I have done a trigger job on it.
This was the first time I shot the rifle,and was shooting from a prone position,that I rarely ever do,so I was happy with the groups I shot.

I do appreciate your feedback and comments,but minute of grapefruit will kill anything I shoot at with a .30 caliber gun.

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