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Originally Posted by Ninetheranger View Post

Well, there is a few Gun Shows in my area soon, might find a used one there.
CDNN lists the 9mm Keltec SUB2000 for $300 + FFL fees and such.

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Originally Posted by ineverFTF View Post
Since both of yall are 19. How are you going to purchase ammo for a 9mm, 45 acp etc carbine?
This is pretty well explained in the Federal Firearms Regs:
18 U.S.C, 922(b)(1), 27 CFR 478.99(b)
And also in the FAQ's:
"...provided the buyer is 18 years of age or older, and the dealer is satisfied that it is for use in a rifle. If the ammunition is intended for use in a handgun, the 21 year old minimum age requirement is applicable."
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+1 on the Beretta CX4 Carbine. Mine is a CX4/PX4 9mm Model, which means I can use my PX4 Pistol Mags, in my CX4 Carbine. Cuts down on having to buy extra Mags for the Pistol and the Carbine.

I recently converted mine over from a Range Carbine, to a Home Defense Carbine. I removed my Scope and Bipod, and I'm now using the Iron Sights, and have added a TLR-1 Flashlight, mounted on the Pull-Out Accessory Rail, under the Barrel. It's secure enough to hold the Flashlight, and when I have my left hand on the Magpul AFG2 Fore Grip, I can easily Toggle On/Off the light switch.

I also added a DeSantis Storm Packer Butt Stock Mag Holder, which holds 2 20-Round Mags. Those two, along with my 20-Round Mag loaded in the Carbine, gives me 60 Rounds of Federal HST Hollow Point Defense Rounds, should I have to use them.

Our local Sporting Goods Store, Academy Sports, is selling the CX4 for just under $800.

Like a few others that have commented above, I have a Hi-Point 995TS 9mm Carbine too. Inexpensive shooter, and reliable. Can't beat the Warranty either! As mentioned above, however, the 10-Round Mag limit keeps me from using it as a HD Gun. If and when Hi Point starts pumping out the Hi Cap Mags, I may switch off between my CX4 and 995TS.

Best of Luck!




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Originally Posted by JTJ View Post
While I dont advocate 22 rim fire pistols for home defense or personal defense, a 22 rim fire rifle can be quite formidable. They are light, easy to control and very affordable to practice with. Shot placement is still the key to any defensive weapon. While hollow point ammo is near useless in a pistol, it works very well in a rifle. The ability to make fast and accurate follow up shots is a big benefit especially for people of small stature.
Penetration through walls will not be as bad as a center fire pistol round.
My Henry H001 lever eats any .22LR ammo I feed it; incredible butter-smooth action and not as heavy as a Marlin lever in .22.
Or find a Win 94/22 for the "collectibility" factor.
I missed out on a sweet used Browning BL22 lever, really nice short-throw action.
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Keltec makes the SU-16. It's a 5.56 chambering. They have several models to suit your fancy. They're more affordable than an AR, but are ugly as sin and probably don't balance as well. They do however weigh 2 pounds less than your Mini 14.

I really don't see how a mini-14 is too heavy though. I can shoot my 870 field model well enough, and it weighs more than the mini AND has a much longer barrel to boot. Your lady could probably beat me an arm wrestling match. Sad to say but true.

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How much shooting has your Lady done? If it is minimal, then get a .22 rifle similar to the style she likes and let her get used to the Whole system of shooting. It may not be the weight of the rifle per se, It may be that she is not used to having a big stick projecting from her shoulder. Add that to the thought that it will hurt and she won't practice. So start out light and small, bigger, heavier and more powerful can come later.


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Originally Posted by Triumphman
There's a few pistol caliber carbines out there. There's S&W AR22, which is a 22LR, based off an AR15 platform. Keltec, Calico, JR Carbines, Hi-Point all make very good carbines from 9mm, 40S&W, to 45ACP. I personally own a Hi-Point 9mm TS carbine, and it's a very good shooter and has a "Life Time Transferrable Warranty". Hi-Point will replace(or send parts to you, if legal to do so) parts for free if anything goes wrong with it---no matter how old or abused it is. Great to deal with. Cost about 1/2 of some other carbines. Paid only $249 a couple years ago. Only PROBLEM with Hi-Point carbines, is they don't make a magazine that holds over 10rds, so if you get this carbine, stock up on magazines and reload often. Company is trying to make higher capacity magazines, but they haven't come out with them yet. Some of the other Manufacturers, use magazines from Glock, that hold more rounds of ammo. There's others, but I can't think of their names right now.
I believe Kel-tec uses a variety of magazines in their carbines. Someone will undoubtedly correct me if im wrong.

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An FN PS90 would be ideal, but they're a bit pricey. Around $1400 new. But they use a 50 round magazine on top of the weapon, and have a built in tritium sight. Good at night.

The little Beretta 9MM is also very good.

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M1 carbine

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I have a JR carbine in .45 acp. Very accurate, minimal recoil, and the .45 packs a punch. As mentioned, you can also get it in 9mm or .40 cal. Everyone at our range wants to shoot it as it's a lot of fun. At the same time with 230 gr. HP's it would be most effective in a HD situation. You might want to try someone's JR out your local range with your girlfriend and see what you think.

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