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Newbie to hunting is looking for a 30-06 rifle for deer

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I got a 770 and what everyone says is true. It's clunky, it's ugly, it's craftsmanship is highly suspect, it has no resale value... But it shoots, and shoots pretty accurately. I bought because just about any rifle is worth $200 (that's what I talked it down to). Anyway, if you want a bolt gun gun shows always have 700's used often times scoped for $500ish. Someone had mentioned getting a 30-30 on here and that I agree with. Again you can find an ugly duckling 336 pretty reasonably priced. I recently got a glenfield version and after $175 and 3 days of spit and polish it's like brand spanking new. If you insist on being the first owner and not planning in doing a ton of shooting outside of hunting season a 770 will serve you well. That's just one mans opinion. It's your money you spend it on whatever you want and enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by Apex-Predator View Post
You don't need a 30-06 for deer hunting, while it is not a bad choice it is certainly more then you need and the recoil might be more then you can comfortably handle if you are new to high powered rifles.
243, 270, 7mm-08 or even the 308 is a better choice for a newbie.
I hardly hunt with my 30-06 anymore, deer around here are just too small a high powered 30 cal tends to blow them to bits.
Good advice. Unless the deer in your area are huge, or you plan to hunt larger game later, I would go with something like a 7mm-08. Very effective for it's size, less recoil than an '06, and will kill any deer that ever lived. I have used the '06 and larger calibers, but now days have used a compact .308 for deer, elk, antelope, black bear, moose and bighorn. A friend killed a rather large bison with his .308. Only if I were to draw a grizzly tag would I feel the need for something larger. Unless you get into the heavier .30 cal. bullets, 180 grain and above, the .308 is pretty dang close to the ballistics of an '06, and has the advantage of being available in handier, shorter bolt throw rifles. If I lived where their were just deer, hogs and the occasional black bear, the 7mm-08 would do me just fine. I also agree with the others as far as the Remington 770 being junk. Spend a little more and get a used Rem. 700 or a Savage, Weatherby Vanguard, etc.

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Here are the premo light kicking rifle calibers and why I like them.
7mm-08/7x57: these two are the hardest hitting of the sissy kickers they can deliver impressive impact inside 300 yards with their 140gr bullets. I never shot 120gr factory ammo before but the 120gr handloads I worked up with H380 had shockingly little recoil, impressive accuracy, and 2900fps.
Comparative strength: larger frontal area for wider wounding and more free bleeding exit wounds. It can also effectively wield tough 160gr for game much larger then deer.
6.5x55/260 Rem/6.5 Creedmore: My personal favorite these guys hit as hard as any deer rifle ever needs to and deliver energy out to ranges you would never dare shoot. 120gr, 130gr or 140gr they all work great. Load one with a 123gr SST at a modest 2800fps and you have literally the most efficient sissy kicker on the planet. The 6.5x55 differs from the other in one way, it is 122 years old so factory ammo is VERY low recoil and low pressure moving along at a very modest 2500fps (140gr), but I can tell you from personal experience that even at that modest speed the Swede is still highly effective on whitetail, with handloads there is no difference between those three cartridges.
Comparative strength: In light bullet weights the 6.5s have higher BC (aerodynamic efficiency) then the other light kicking calibers, meaning you have a considerably longer effective range even more so then the smaller hotrod 25 calibers! Very high SD bullets make even the mild 6.5mms suitable (though not ideal) for VERY large game.
25-06: blistering fast meets reasonable recoil the 25-06 is the screamer of bunch, it shoots flatter then the 6.5mms and 7mms, and runs neck and neck with the 243 just using 20gr more bullet. This speed gives it impressive trajectory out to longer ranges making it the ideal sissy kicker for open country hunting for those who are not so good at judging bullet drop. Despite not having the frontal area of the 6.5 and 7mm there are some bullet in .25 caliber that are well known for impressive terminal performance namely the hollow point Sierra Game King.
Competitive strength: Speed and trajectory which are key factors in real world accuracy.
243: The most common and best selling sissy kicker, while often praised for it's low recoil it is also a flat shooter much like the 25-06 giving it impressive real world accuracy, oh and as a bonus it is a short action. On the outside the 243 seems perfect but such a small caliber has two problems that must be addressed, small calibers tend to have poor penetration requiring better built bullets, and they suffer from a narrow wound canal which also calls for a consistently wide expanding bullet and also requires you to keep the impact speeds high and hence the range reasonably close. 243s have aprox 300 yard effective range in which a quality bullet will produce quick ethical kills on deer class game beyond that results become erratic and all bets are off unless you are a crack shot.
Competitive strength: Very low recoil AND flat shooting the 243 is often the choice of both brand new hunter and the older very experienced ones.

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