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Leavingplatoscomphycave 03-24-2010 11:23 PM

new SKS's what now?
so my father and i just got a pair of SKSs (not sure if they r russain or yugo ect) and we want to give them a badass tune up but we have no clue where to start besides reworking the trigger. We want them to be more accurate and well im not sure what else, any suggestions on making them um...better??

canebrake 03-24-2010 11:30 PM

Have you shot them yet?

Leavingplatoscomphycave 03-24-2010 11:45 PM

hahaha oh yea left out that piece of info. Yea i shot them (well i only shot mine) but it can ring a steel plate (7''X7'') at 120 yrds like 50% of the time, i didnt get to shoot more than 50 rounds though.

William 03-25-2010 12:11 AM

I would look and see if you can put a heavier barrel on it (Not an exspert on SKS's) and if you have trouble with recoil you may want to consider looking into a compisater.

FOOT NOTE: I royally stink at spelling

c3shooter 03-25-2010 12:27 AM

Work on the crappy long, gritty trigger pull. DO NOT INVOLVE A DREMEL IN THIS. Leave the barrel alone. A scope and decent ammo can help SOME- understand this is a carbine, intended to shoot "minute of bad guy" at 200 meters or so. Read the articles on the sidebars- all the way down. Have fun- love it for what it is-

Leavingplatoscomphycave 03-25-2010 12:38 AM

yea i have a compensator on it already (witch i think is kinda silly to put on a carbine ahaha)

Leavingplatoscomphycave 03-25-2010 12:39 AM

what is a dremel? i plan on filing the sear so it has positive engagement with the hammer so i can shorten it and it will still be safe

Leavingplatoscomphycave 03-25-2010 04:48 AM

ok so i just filied the sear to have neutral/semi positive engagement with the hammer and the creep has been diminished ALOT (still a little creepy but defiantly not as bad)

Tackleberry1 03-25-2010 06:02 AM

If they have a compensator, there probably not Russian. I've heard Russian SKS's make up about 1 in 50 SKS's in the U.S. Most were imported in the 80's by KBI out of Harrisburg, PA and will have this info etched on the port side of the receiver at the rear. The recoil spring cover will also have a factory engraved sybol of a STAR with an ARROW at its center pointed toward the muzzle. The finish is another give away. To my knowledge, all Russian imports were blued and for a military issue gun, it's a pretty nice bluing job.

The Chinese and Yugo versions tend to have compensators, chincey bayonette's, "compared to the Russian", and more of a black or grey parkerized finish.

I got my Russian off an Army buddy going through a divorce back in 96. Gave him $75.00 for it and it's the best "value" I've ever gotten on a gun buy.

From a bench I'm able to put 5 rounds into a 4" square target at 200 yards, a little better than 1.5" MOA which astonished me. It shoots circles around my AK.

If the S ever really hits the Fan and I could only take 1 all purpose rifle, it would be my Russian SKS.

Russian or not, there all fun shooters and I'm sure you'll get a life time worth of enjoyment out of them.


robocop10mm 03-25-2010 12:50 PM

Post pics please. Compensator? Factory installed muzzle devices were prety much all Yugos. The Yugos also have a gas cut off to enable grenade launching.

PLEASE keep files away from trigger mechanisms. Stoning is the preferred method of alteration, but should be attempted only by skilled individuals. Take too much off and you can get unsafe conditionsand or unpredictable full auto fire.

The scope mounting options for the SKS range from horrible to barely acceptable. Most involve a modified dust cover (the top back part of the receiver. None reliably hold zero. The dust cover will move around a bit causing bullet impact to shift. A scout mount "may" be an option worth looking into. They replace the gas tube or upper handguard allowing a long eye relief scope to be mounted.

IMHO, the best accessory for the SKS is AMMO and lots of it. Shoot it and enjoy it for what it is.

The most common issue they have is slam fires. They were designed for ammo with hard military primers. The use of commercial ammo will cause the gun to fire when chambering a round of soft primed US commercial ammo (Win, Fed, Rem). There is a company that makes a spring loaded firing pin that is said to eliminate this problem.

My answer was to remove the firing pin and clean it very thoroughly along with the bolt. I deburred the firing pin with a stone (Arkansas whet stone) and polished the sides with 600 grit wet/dry layed on a hard flat surface. I shoot reloads and US made ammo all the time and have NEVER had a slam fire.

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