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NEW Ruger NRA Mini-14

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Originally Posted by G21.45 View Post
But, in all perfect honesty, if either my AR or AK shot a 100 yard group like that I'd promptly get rid of it.
NEW Ruger NRA Mini-14 - General Rifle Discussion

NEW Ruger NRA Mini-14 - General Rifle Discussion

Yeah, Yeah. I got a bunch of AR-15's that will shoot rings around it as well. But they aren't Mini 14's. Personally, I've seen MANY AK's that only were good for bumper jack handles, and NONE shot any better than what I've got posted from the Mini 14. Bill T.
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I would like to disagree with all the inaccuracy remarks on the mini 14, I have an older mini (1988) with the 18 3/4 inch barrel and I'm shooting 2 inch groups at 100 yards. The scope I have is just a cheap tasco 3-9 x40mm, nothing special.
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Default NRA Mini-14

I have fired the AR/15 M/16 and Mini 14 both pre 2006 version and the current. The accuracy is quite a bit better with the new version. I highly recommend this rifle, a few modifications make it far superior. With a flash dispersal on the barrel, or a new thicker barrel if you want to go all out... and the new trigger that has more than 1 lb of trigger pressure removed from the pull... this gun gets the job done. I have put mine through the ringer in testing it out after having the old version of the rifle. I am hooked...

Custom Ruger Mini 14 30 Rifles Accuracy Systems Gunsmith

PS, those of you who are haters of the Mini 14 need to revisit the new model and what its capable of. Note, in time of need 223 will be fare more available that you tuna can SKS/AK ammo.

SPC J.C. Goode
Texas Army State Guard
C4I, 2nd Bt, 19th Reg
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Default I love the new Mini-14

I was shooting my buddy's new Mini-14 yesterday. It's vastly superior to the mini I owned 20 years ago. Here's a little clip:

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I own a NRA Mini and have been able to get 5 shot groups down to 1.25 at 100 with good factory ammo. Wolf still shoots around 2 to 2.25. This is so much better than the old ones I had. I won mine so I canít complain. Remember Mil spec is 4 in at 100 so it is a good battle rifle.
Have a good one!

Plan for the worst, Hope for the best and if you land on your feet running life is good!!!
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Default NRA Mini-14

I have the NRA Mini-14 and have been very happy with it. I like it better than my AR15 in some respects, for one thing it will shoot Wolf ammo with out the case getting stuck, and I don't have to keep it clean to function properly. Its rock solid reliable and accurate enough for any kind of hunting I do. I do notice a difference in accuracy with different ammo, mine seems to like heavier bullets.
This is going to be my next one.
Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifles & Mini Thirty Rifles*Autoloading*Rifle (M-14/20CF) Overview
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Default In defense of Wolf .223 ammo

I am holding right now in my powderstained hand a round of Wolf
Performance Ammunition .223. I have just finished firing over
100 rounds of it in my back yard through a 2009 manufactured
Ruger Mini 14. I was using Pro Mag 20 round mags. I had cleaned
and oiled the gun prior to firing. It went boom 100 times
with no misfires or problems. It also kept each mag in a fist size circle
at 100' (Yes that is 100 feet. While I do have a range here on my
place, expecting to just step off of my back deck into a 100 YARD range
is more then I can afford)..
I have fired 500 rounds of Wolf .223 over the past few months. I have had
ONE jam..yer typical stovepipe...Now while I do not expect that I can
shoot thumbnale size hole 20 round groups at 100 yards with this gun and ammo. I do not think that an unmodified mini 14 will do that either. SOOO
the answer is for shootin rats, or paper targets, (or my favorite is
club soda 2 litres, but that gets EXPENSIVE) Wolf .223 works fine.
I have TRIED to scrape that lacquer off of the cases, but I do not think
that Wolf uses it any more. IT is just decent cheap (by modern standards)
steel cased ammo. Ya gets what ya pays for..However even after paying
close to $700 for the new Mini I do not feel am doing it any great
harm by blasting a few mags of cheap ammo now and again....After all
if I had to pay 40 cents a round I would not get to shoot that often now
would i??
I am sure Sturm Ruger would disagree with each and every word above, however, maybe they just never TRIED any WOlf .223..

Jim in Gold Bar
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Default Mini 14

I just obtained a mini 14 and was wondering how you could tell the age of the rifle. Any help would be appreciated
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I bought mine and it came with 4 20 round mags, picked it up earlier this year.

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The old Mini's were known for not being accurate.
The new one's, once you get a decent trigger job and the gas block torqued correctly will shoot 2" fairly easily with good ammo, about what a standard AR will shoot.

I have worked my Tactical over pretty well and it shoots .9", 5 shots @ 100.

Ruger is just having some real QC problems now.

I love the rifle, but will never buy another Ruger.

I won't go into it, because I could write 4 pages on the problems with them and I'm trying to stay away from doing that.

If you buy one, do so at your own risk.

If you like keeping it stock, you should be fine, Ruger will fix them all day long if stock, but modify it and when it breaks, Ruger will remove any non stock item or modified parts. Put a custom barrel on it and Ruger will refuse to even work on it.
This would not be a problem except for parts that Ruger will not sell to anyone, such as the Firing pin, which do break far too often. The aftermarket FP that is sold breaks at about 500 rounds.

Ruger hates me, I'm a gunsmith and have some real knowledge on what is going on with the Mini. I've done lots of research and posted about it and I'll never own another. This is just my opinion, you are free to get whatever gun you like.
It's kind of a roll of the dice, either you get a good one or a lemon. I hope you get good one's if you decide to get one.

John K

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