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Trip83 05-13-2013 05:28 AM

New Frontier Polymer Lowers
Anybody know anything about New Frontier and their Polymer Lowers?? What is the durability? What should a lower cost? Any information would be great! Thanks!!

SSGN_Doc 05-13-2013 05:48 AM

Seems they don't hold up well to being shot with bird shot. (Recent post with a video of such silliness). The company has a good reputation. Polymer lowers are usually not highly regarded.

GTX63 05-13-2013 09:21 AM

Bushmaster makes a carbon 15 model with a polymer lower. I don't think they would put it on the market if they didn't have faith in it, but the one I handled sold for as much or more ($1400) that a standard unit.

SSGN_Doc 05-13-2013 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by GTX63 (Post 1245141)
Bushmaster makes a carbon 15 model with a polymer lower. I don't think they would put it on the market if they didn't have faith in it, but the one I handled sold for as much or more ($1400) that a standard unit.

Some companies will put out some products strictly with profit margin in mind. I don't think they put them out there with the thought that they would break at a couple critical points, but it turns out, that over time there are a couple areas that are more prone to breakage, that you don't see with forged aluminum receivers. So we have to keep in mind that when Stoner designed the rifle's dimensions, it was with forged aluminum in mind. When you change material, then it can be important to change dimensions in some of these critical areas. the areas that are known to break are at the rear of the receiver where the receiver extension, (Buffer Tube), screws in, and at the front pivot pin holes. On upper receivers, breakage is seen from time to time at the threaded portion where the barrel nut attaches to hold the barrel in place. If you Google search images for "Broken Carbon-15" you will see whatI'm talking about.

The motivating factor for companies to produce these receivers out of polymer is cost, and speed. They can crank out polymer receivers at a fraction of the cost of a forged aluminum receiver, because it is just a molding process. With a forged receiver, the blank has to be forged then machined in several phases, then anodized. They probably are produced by the manufacturer at considerably less than 50% per unit in cost, but still sold at 75-90% of the retail.

NC1760 05-13-2013 06:58 PM

Poly AR lowers ...???
While I do not have a New Frontier, I did an AR build with a Plum Crazy lower I picked up a year and 1/2 back for $99... before the gun scene went scooters of course... and added a Del Ton dissipater upper in 5.56, Magpul and Fabb Defense accessories. So far I've run around 300+ rounds through it... and other than the fact that my Del Ton manufactured upper does NOT like lacquer coated Ruskie ammo (Brown Bear to be specific.. jams on almost every other round) and I replaced the rear take down pin (the original poped all the way out during a cleaning one night) it's been a decent & dependable rifle. Of course, IF you plan on running yours rough & hard 2 to 3 times a week, 1000 rounds a pop, etc. etc. etc.. well, you might want to step up in materials & price. My friend has a Palmetto State AR he picked up and I've shot... He has no complaints at 1000+ rounds and counting (he reloads of course...)...

BTW... Plum Crazy had a lifetime warranty for the lower, but they are now nonexistent as a company, so I guess they meant their lifetime.. not mine. :eek:

7.62 Man 05-16-2013 12:20 AM

I too own a Plum Crazy composite lower but mine has over 2500+ rounds through it with a JSE Surplus upper.
The original trigger got real sticky about 2000 round so I changed it to steel trigger parts works fine now.
I was wanting a dependable light weight AR for my go to SHTF gun, & I hear the polymer lowers don't handle cold very well.:eek:
So I went to the new MAG tactical light weight lower.
It is as light as the polymer lower but as strong as or stronger than the aluminum lower, good looking too.
I put this upper on the MAG Tactical lower with pop-up rear sight.(no pictures yet)
It is as light as or lighter than any other gun I have & I'm sure it will get me through any SHTF scenario I'll encounter hot or cold.;)

gunnut07 05-16-2013 10:43 AM

Most plastic lowers I have seen are just JUNK. Why would you waste your money on them when you can get a quality aluminum lower for cheaper?

NC1760 05-16-2013 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by gunnut07 (Post 1248517)
Most plastic lowers I have seen are just JUNK. Why would you waste your money on them when you can get a quality aluminum lower for cheaper?

Now, not to be confrontational here.. but what do you base that on?

First off.. It's not simply plastic.. It's a polymer (which contains plastic agents) and has been used in the firearm industry for decades now (Glock owners can I get an AMEN!!)... and my personal Fall/Winter carry is a Ruger P95 in 9mm... a 50% (if not more) polymer shooter that is light, easy to field strip & clean, eats any ammo I put through it and goes "Bang!!" everytime.
Second.. there is the issue of economics and for right now, what you can find. The Plum Crazy and Frontier lowers come pretty much complete with trigger assemby, handle, buffer tube and stock (at least mine did)... which cuts down on build/waiting time & gets you closer to shooting... all for around $125 to $200 (pricing is going down and availablity going up as we speak)... while the best price I've been able to find on a stripped forged lower is $160 from DSA: .... BTW...If anyone knows of a better deal, please post it and help out fellow shooters here on the FTF....

It's all a matter of cash and personal taste... the later I'm pretty sure is what you're expressing... and I won't put down a fellow shooter looking to get into the AR cult who is buying what they can afford and (Praise the Lord) find. Besides, it's just a lower... If you ain't happy with it you can upgrade later. For now, my first AR build is doing GREAT... Polymer lower and all!! :)

SSGN_Doc 05-16-2013 04:25 PM

Since teh lower is the registered part I would spend the extra on an aluminum one.

A fried Egg is polymer also by definition.

My main beef with the most recent polymer lowers is the fact that the AR receiver was designed with the structural strength and properties of aluminum at the time it was designed and the dimensions were established. Most polymer lowers recently retain the same dimensions as the basic design without adding any reenforcement at cetatin thin or possible stress points given the change in materials and their relative strengths, brittleness/flexability/sheer force resistance.

If you google images of broken Plum Crazy or Carbon 15 you will see pictures of common areas that break on polymer receivers, (Usually around the front take down or pivot pins, or at the threeaded area at the rear where teh receiver extension threads in to accomodate the buttstock). So, to me it is worth the extra money for the long haul and peace of mind to get the material that the gun was designed around as added insurance that I am less likely to have to go to a dealer and buy another receiver. Spend $40 bucks more once, instead of possibly spending $70-$150, plus FFL fees a second time.

Glocks, and other designs that were made from polymer 30 or more years after the AR was designed, were intended from the begining to be made with their polymer components from the very beginning. They were given dimensions to accomodate the material of manufacture.

Cavalry Arms used to make polymer lower receivers that were ugly, but had a reputation for being very durable. They also departed from the original dimensions, and incorporated one piece structures to compensate for the material change.

So, I am not a anti-polymer guy when it comes to using it in firearms. But so far the offerings that fail to compensate for the material change, while using the original dimensions, and the added risk of breakage that goes along with it, is what keeps me from buying in to polymer for the AR. I own Glocks, but once again, they were designed to be made with polymer frames. I might consider it for a gun that is going to be restricted to range use, or nothing but light duty, or as a .22 to use for practice.

Nathantc 05-16-2013 11:27 PM

there sure is a lot of hate here lol

plumb crazy and new frontier are the same company,, they just changed ownership and name

i have owned one with a 5.45x39 upper that lasted threw 10,000 rounds before i sold the entire rifle

now i have one on my 7.62x39 20" heavy barrel upper and it just passed 500 rounds today using the all polymer lower with polymer FCG and it even will fire the comblock hard primers no problem now that i have the right firing pin

a complete lower is $150 and stripped lower is $60

there good if you use your rifle as its intended, im sure if you smack it across a tree like a bat it would break but other than that i see no problem with them at all, they fit super tight to the upper so there is no play. my only issue with both was hours of using a file to open the mag well just enough that the mags drop free.

i have yet to here from some one with any proof of owning one that gave them any trouble at all.

my 7.62x39 with NFA lower

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