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DoNotTouchTheTrim 02-17-2014 08:12 PM

Need help in choosing, either SKS, MOSIN NAGANT or 12 gauge
I know its kind of a spread out selection and they all have their specific purposes. But if they are all just for fun, and possibly hunting. If they were around the same price same for gun and ammo what would be the way to go?

I got a new job and this will be my first paycheck purchase as a way to celebrate.
Some points that got me stuck on on these 3 are:
Mosins ammo availability, and long range shooting fun.
sks ammo availability, and mid range shooting without scope semi auto and some can take ak mags and some nice aftermarket stocks.
And shotgun for possible home defense (on top of the sks) but also the available novelty ammo (dragons breath, confetti, firecracker) and the ability of shooting some clay pigeons and other in air items without fear of bullet drop (i live out in the country but still have neighbor's to worry about with rifles.

Maybe someone here can weigh in, and give some pros and cons to all? I know not everyone will have the same opinion but i know there will be some good points made as most of you have better experiences with these guns then me. Please only reply with serious posts, I wont feed the trolls.

orangello 02-17-2014 08:23 PM

I don't have a Mosin, but I do love my Norinco SKS and my Mossberg 500 pump 12 guage. The SKS is tons of fun for plinking and uses fairly inexpensive ammo. The Mossberg sits by my alarm clock with a 18.5" barrel for first-line home defense with its 28" field barrel in the safe for hunting use.

If I had to choose only one, I'd probably want to keep the Mossberg. It would be a tough decision, but unless I get into hog hunting, the shotgun is more practical for me.

eatmydust 02-17-2014 08:28 PM

For an all-round SD, HD, & hunting rig, a 12 ga. shotgun cannot be equaled. With the right barrels, you can use the shotgun for defense, for hunting birds, rabbits, squirrels, deer, & hogs, shooting trap, skeet and sporting clays. You can be deadly accurate from point blank to 150+ yards.

If I were limited to only 1 firearm for the rest of my days, I would choose a 12 ga. pump shotgun. Thats one man's opinion take it for what it's worth.

Copeman60 02-17-2014 09:04 PM

Mosin nagants our a blast an for around 100 bucks u can't go wrong. But the 7.62x54R won't last forever cause it's suplus. So its cheap now but give it 5 more years an a lot of that ammo will be dried up. The sks ammo in 762x39 is massed produced so it will be easier to get a hold of the ammo. I perfect the Chinese sks cause they our chrome lined. A shotgun in 12gau is always a good choice. Seems to me like u just want a gun to have fun with. All of those guns will be a good choice.

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nosaj 02-17-2014 09:37 PM

You can't go wrong with whichever you choose.
However, if i were to just pick one I would vote SKS.
No, it's not the best choice for HD but covers the broad spectrum of shooting...
Short/long range(couple hundred yards)
Ammo cost and availability
Capable hunting gun

......Just don't plan on using AK mags

DoNotTouchTheTrim 02-17-2014 09:43 PM

so if it was a shotgun, which would be a good way to go, i guess id like the price to be lowest, but also have an availability of aftermarket stocks and things like that? I plan on shooting all i can out of it, so if it can handle rifled slugs ill be happy.

boredintr 02-17-2014 09:48 PM

The 12 gauge if you only get one the 12 with proper barrels can approach the accuracy and power of a 45/70 using brass slugs with recoil reduced loads the rest of the family can play with it 2

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Copeman60 02-17-2014 09:50 PM

Then u will need a smooth bore shotgun. Checkout the mossburg 500 an the Remington 870. Good choices for anyone new too shotguns

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DoNotTouchTheTrim 02-17-2014 09:56 PM

yea i would definitely go for a 12g and ive been looking at the 500 and 870 online, and seems they retail suggested is around 450 which i suppose isnt too bad but im hoping local shops have it cheaper.

I already figured the smooth bore part, can you even shoot anything but slugs out of a rifled?

DoNotTouchTheTrim 02-17-2014 09:58 PM

Im about to head out for awhile, so if anyone has more info and suggestions ill reply when i get back.

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