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gmaster456 03-21-2012 01:45 AM

Need a Good $180 rifle.
Have a bit of cash from my birthday today and was looking to see what my rifle options are. This will be my first rifle that I can call my own. I know I could get a good mosin and a nice chunk of ammo and I know that's a good option but is there anything else in within the price range worth looking at? Caliber doesn't really matter. It can be anything from 22lr to 30-06. I won't be able to hunt with it as my area is shotgun only. It will just be for the range and just something to add to my collection.

Rick1967 03-21-2012 01:48 AM

At that price range I would be looking for a 10/22. Sometimes you can find them on sale for about that. And ammo is dirt cheap.

teenagegunnut 03-21-2012 01:48 AM

i would go to some local gun shows. for that price you are pretty much limited to used guns. so bring a bore light and do your homework.

JTJ 03-21-2012 01:57 AM

You could pick up a new Marlin 60 or 795 for less than $180. There are lots of used rifles in that range.

hiwall 03-21-2012 04:06 AM

I would go to a couple of gun shows and pawn shops and just see if something caught my eye.

texaswoodworker 03-21-2012 04:22 AM

If you are wanting a centerfire rifle, the you could find a few mausers within that price range. Look at some of these (I would watch out for that 1916 Spanish Mauser, It says it was rechambered for 7.62 NATO, but it also says it uses .308s. I would have it checked out to make sure it could handle .308. 7.62 and .308 are basically the same round, but .308 creates more pressure in the chamber) Personally, I would go with that yugo in 8mm. It's a little out of your price range, but not by much.
Really, you cant beat the Mosin for a gun in that price range. $180 will get you a Mosin ( this place has some nice 91/30s and 440 rounds of ammo. ( :D

gmaster456 03-21-2012 07:01 PM

Thanks for the help everyone. I am swinging by the gunshop this afternoon to see if anything catches my eye. And thanks for the links texas^.

texaswoodworker 03-21-2012 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by gmaster456 (Post 747353)
Thanks for the help everyone. I am singing by the gunshop this afternoon to see if anything catches me eye. And thanks for the links texas^.

No problem.

What will you be singing? :D :p

gmaster456 03-21-2012 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by texaswoodworker (Post 747357)
No problem.

What will you be singing? :D :p

Glad someone caught that!

Nihilist88 03-21-2012 07:40 PM

Usually, I go surplus with those sort of budgets. You can never go wrong with something that has seen tides of war and built for men to defend their countries from hostiles. I seen a Turkish 1935 Mauser I was going to get for $189.00 from the surplus military shop not far from me.

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