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NBC news-remington-700 rifle unsafe

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I have a novel idea.... One should keep their finger off the trigger until they are ready to shoot.
I'd still use one any day.
I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.
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News Headlines

Go here and let them know your dissatisfaction with their piss poor reporting.
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Okay. 93 Views. But very few responses, which tells me that people don't want to go to far out on a limb with such a controversial topic when the "source" is questionable to say the least.

I'll offer myself up again, I don't have a problem with badmouthing Remington. No, wait, what??

Fact: The Remington 700 is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, rifles sold in the last I don't know how many years.

Fact: There are SEVERAL types of the Remington 700 models shown, thus increasing their penetration in safes and gun cabinets and grabby hands everywhere.

Opinion - From what I have seen in the shop I spend time: "Hunters" and "Hunting Rifles" is a BROAD category that can fit just about ANYONE you want to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE based on criteria you wish to mix & match.

Fact: The Remington 700 has a common "upgrade" that is done on custom builds that changes the Factory Safety to a "perceived more safe" type. That of the Winchester Model 70 ( i.e. a 3 position safety ).

Opinion: People do this because it is suggested by a gunsmith who can do the job in a very short period of time and make some money making the "much needed change".
  • I personally have this mod on one rifle and will be getting it on my Mjolnir Rifle. This is a personal preference based on how I shoot.
Opinion: Not every hunter is what I would call a "good shot" or a real "shooter". There are people that buy a weapon, put it in a closet for a YEAR and only take it out the week before hunting season to sight it in with 3 shots and pack it into the woods with several other "hunters".

Fact: The Remington factory trigger setting can be described as "hard" or "sloppy". People wish to "improve" it by trigger weight reductions or outright changes to the trigger itself.

Opinion: The Remington factory trigger is one of the easiest to make kitchen table modifications to change how it feels "hard" or "sloppy". It is also VERY easy to induce a condition with a light trigger that could cause a SLAM FIRE condition.
You read that at face value, and what do you have?

You have a reason to listen to this report and roll your effing eyes. Yeah, Dillinger hates Remington and can't wait to trash it. Whatever.

Look, if I want to sample ANY firearm with a preset, predetermined outcome, based on lawsuits that I have heard about, I can make you believe that the 1911 is absolutely the worst choice for a handgun and that the flintlock pistol is the best, for ANY situation.

Numbers don't mean dick when it comes to these cases! Look hard enough and you can find that Remington's 700 was the reason we lost "X" servicemen, the reason that we lost "X" LEO, the reason more ice cream was sold on hot days and why women in summer dresses look better than women in bhurkas.

Have there been accidents with the weapon? I am sure there have. Have there been cases where the Remington factory safety failed? I am sure there have. Are there also cases where the Remington factory safety failed BECAUSE someone Bubba'd it to a lighter trigger weight and/or made "other" changes? Yes, I am definitely sure there have.

Bottom line, you have NO STABLE BASE for an accusation that THIS SAFETY is unsafe.

What you have are reports that show unsafe results that INCLUDE this safety.

Across a long enough timeline, with a broad enough sample: EVERY weapon will fail you. Every girl will cheat on you. Every car will fail to start. Every person will make more money than you do.

Now, you want the Tin Foil Hat Edition that no one has talked about yet?

You have an ANTI Administration that is VERY Left leaning, with a network that is VERY Left leaning that helped get the current Administration elected.

Joe Biden was the co-author of the first AWB. And is part of the current Administration. Hhhhmmmmmm.


Take a huge stake and drive it right in the chest of the "hunting" mystique and how the NUMBER ONE hunting rifle is KILLING KIDS?!?!

Oh My!! *tears*

Hunting leads to kids dying!! *tears*

See where this COULD be going if there are puppet masters??

Do yourself a favor members of FTF!

Think for yourselves! Don't listen to a reporter who has no knowledge of how you and your friends take care of, behave with, shoot and maintain your weapons.

This report is about as worthless as our current Administration.

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Wow..I've never known anyone to have a problem with any Remington.... Outside of the shooter caused ones anyway.

People buy a lot of them to be such a problem.
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I personally own 12 rem 700 in various calibers. I have never had ONE of them "ghost fire" as we call it. We have modifed and tweeked a few of them to way out of factory specs. Personally I think this is BS and as far and the "sniper" video goes there is no codec to verify that.Any jerk can file a triiger down to so light that it will bump fire and not to mention grab a set of BDU's from the local mil-surplus shop. I think this is left wing, liberal BS trying to scare people!!!
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i will still buy one. if proper gun safety would have been implemented a lot of those deaths wouldnt have happened. my current rifle only gets loaded when im in the woods or at a range and the gun is pointed in a safe direction.
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Default Deaths, injuries raise questions for popular Remington 700 rifle

Deaths, injuries raise questions for popular Remington 700 rifle -

A friend had this happen at the range, his Remmy fired while he was chambering a round. His finger was not even on the trigger
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Like Remington said "IF PROPER GUN HANDLING PROCEDURES WERE FOLLOWED none of these deaths would have occurred"

Why was that chick unloading a firearm pointed at her son? The first then I was taught was NEVER TRUST A SAFETY. My dad beat that into my head at the ripe old age of 6.

How many people adjust the trigger on the 700? That was the first thing I did when I got mine home.

My believe is this. The safety is a mechanical device made by an imperfect being (HUMAN) so there for must be considered to be IMPERFECT.
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My 2 cents and they are not so much firearm related as Market related.

The 700 is likely the most popular and common hunting rifle available for the last 6 decades. The sheer number of rifles out there means there will be more incidents. The key is to look at the incidents per gun sold, which this article does not. And as we all know distinguish between someone accidentally pulling the trigger and the gun firing without the trigger being pulled. This is a key point that most non firearms type people would not think about.

The documents reveal that on at least two occasions, the company considered – and then decided against – a modification of the original trigger design intended to eliminate inadvertent discharges. One of those proposed fixes would have cost Remington 5.5 cents per gun, according to the company’s own calculations.
I'm wondering if the modification is meant to prevent accidental discharge making it more difficult to accidentally pull the trigger or if they mean accidental discharge where no one pulls the trigger and the gun fires.
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I have been conversing through email this morning with some of my hunting buddies about the trigger problem report from last night. Here is an email I just received from one of them:

I am so glad someone has exposed a problem that made me wonder if I was crazy or not. When I shot my first mountable deer back in November of 2007 my rifle did this crap and no one has been able to explain why... They all made me feel like it was poor gun handling on my part which I knew it was not. After shooting the deer, the first thing I did was eject the spent round and chamber a new round. As soon as I closed the bolt and pushed the handle down , the gun went off. Scared the crap out of me. Fortunately I was practicing safe gun handling and the bullet went into the ground. I have talked to numerous people about this and have tried unsuccessfully to re-create what happened at the range. I was beginning to think that somehow I had my finger on the trigger or something and it was my fault.. It was the only logical answer I could come up with.

About 3 weeks ago I went to Academy sports and Remington had a big fancy truck set up outside with all of their guns on display.. I went to the info table and described to the guy giving out info what had happened to me. He said I needed to call the factory and gave me their number. I asked if he had heard of this problem before and he would not tell me yes or no but only had this strange look on his face and repeated that I needed to call the company.. I got the feeling he had heard of this issue before... I called Remington and described what happened to one of their tech guys and he told me if I wanted to send it in they would take a look at it. I asked him if they were aware of an issue with that particular model and he responded that he had never heard of that happening.

Seeing this report really makes me mad and what makes me the maddest is their flat out denial of a problem.. And their knowledge of the problem and having a solution but doing nothing about it. Their behavior is reckless at best.

I am glad to have some evidence that maybe I am not crazy and maybe what I thought happened really happened.. The way it is described in this report is EXACTLY the way it happened to me....

Please feel free to share this with whomever you like..

and thanks for the heads up
He has never messed with the trigger on this gun. It is straight from the factory.
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