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tCan 11-21-2012 07:26 AM

My number one Christmas Item
A Marlin 795 with this aftermarket stock:

It really bothers me that the 795 doesn't come with a woodstock. It's why I went with the 60 the first go around.

Second on my list is a S&W 36 blued

The list is long oh brother is it long. And I dont even have things on the list like an M1A1 or M1 or M1 carbine or Sub2000 or ...

What are you guys looking at this year?

robertb6112 11-21-2012 10:47 AM

I got the 795 for my birthday in October. I was disappointed there wasn't a wooden stock also. But it's not bad it kind of grows on you.

I'm looking at getting a Yugo Mauser, and a Remington 700.

tuck2 11-21-2012 10:57 AM

A 17 Hornet CZ or Ruger rifle, Leupold 4-16 AO scope, military sling, Redding dies, 100 ea empty 17 H brass, and five boxes of 17H ammo would look good under a Christman tree for me.

Jstrong 11-21-2012 11:08 AM

A zero tolerance 0200 folder, gf already got it for me,just gotta wait till Christmas

A sig 1911 nitron or nightmare carry,looks like I'll be getting that one as a 21st bday present to myself (dec,18 )

mountainman13 11-21-2012 11:10 AM

Ruger gp100 Wiley clapp
(not ma compliant, not gonna happen)

Old_Crow 11-21-2012 12:18 PM

I was a bad boy so I will have to buy my own present. Looks like a Savage 22 mag.

cottontop 11-21-2012 12:32 PM

I don't do Xmas as being retired and single, everyday is Xmas as I buy what I want when I want. That being said, my next gun purchase will be a Husqvarna in 9.3x57.

GaryGlock 11-21-2012 12:35 PM

One of those First Class strippers wrapped nicely in ribbon!!

303tom 11-21-2012 03:40 PM

Im hoping to get another Handi-rifle.................

kytowboater 11-21-2012 03:49 PM

Hoping to finish my AR. That would be a great present.

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