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john300k 08-02-2012 01:45 AM

MSAR Bull Pup .223/5.56 Rifle
Two weeks ago my Wife and I went to a gun show in Charlotte. My wife bought one $10 dollar chance for this rifle from our local Gun shop and range. Last night we got call and she won the rifle! I don't really know much about it but I have Googled a little today. It had retail price of $2475:D

Secondhand_Hero 08-02-2012 01:58 AM

Tell ya what, buddy.. How 'bout i go ahead n' give you the opportunity of DOUBLING the money you invested? ;)

shooter88 08-02-2012 02:19 AM

Ill give you 20 times what u paid for it;)

tacticalfun 08-02-2012 02:51 AM

Ill give you a handgun and 1500$ worth of tools :)

GaMatt72 08-02-2012 02:59 AM

That is one awesome gun. I so want one. HUGE CONGRATS!!! Now go shoot it and have fun.

robocop10mm 08-02-2012 03:27 AM

Clone of the Steyer AUG. Some parts interchangeability. I believer there is an adapter out there to allow it to use standard AR mags.

john300k 08-02-2012 12:01 PM

I read that there is a certain 4E model that will take AR mags. It comes with one 10 rd and you can buy 20, 30 and 42 round mags...

opaww 08-02-2012 02:58 PM

That is a sweet rifle, and congratz on the win. Now if you ever deside to give it away to a poor unfortunet soul I would sure like to have it.

Badshot320 08-02-2012 10:11 PM

Its ugly!! And I mean ugly in the nicest way possible.


john300k 08-05-2012 08:20 PM

Well we took it to the range we won it from. The owner asked if he could help me with any questions or issues. Very nice people I must say right off... We go in the range and he loads the magazine and he is going to shoot about 5 of the 10 round magazine. The first shot, the spent cartridge is half hanging out of the wrong side of the left/right ejection port. (it has a little cover you can switch which side you want it to eject from, my wife and I are lefties) The round below it has the bullet ripped out of the cartridge. The round below that is dented....WTF...over. He couldn't believe this was happening to a brand new rifle. He told me to pack it up in the box and bring to him. They were going to have the gunsmith look it and if the needed they would ship it back to MSAR. I would be super pissed if I paid $2400 for this POS... but $10, not so much. I may have to get store credit...I can think of lot things buy with $2400 store credit!

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