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superman58 12-14-2008 04:21 AM

modifing a savage 111fcxp3 (30-06)
i am new to long range shooting but love the expertise of it and i would like to know if i could get a better stock for my rifle ( like a sniper setup). my uncle's friend would like to teach me how to shoot like a sniper and im going to the army this june. im want to be a sniper just like him but till i have a good setup from my own research he wont teach me so could you help me?

I have this gun and my first rifle

i would like this setup or close enough to work

WhiteWolf4 12-14-2008 03:38 PM

Just my opinion, but if you're going to the Army, let the army teach you how to shoot like a sniper...That way, no bad habits will get in the way....JMO...WhiteWolf

superman58 12-14-2008 04:55 PM

ok but
thank you for your input but i have a curious mind to modify everything i own like my car and since i got my rifle i would like to modify it. see my problem:confused:

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