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2bit 05-19-2010 03:32 PM

Model 1892 Survey
Hello to all,

I am more of an old Winchester lever collector and hunter. I have decided to undertake a survey of the Model 1892 rifle in an effort to catalog the production variations throughout its +40 years of production. In that effort I am looking to gather detailed data on as many rifles as possible. I have just over 470 so far and would like to get several thousand. My primary interest is in the changes to the barrel address, claiber stamp, proof marks, upper tang stamps and overall configuration of the rifle. All this is keyed to the serial number for a specific rifle so that the progressive changes can be mapped out. All data will be held strictly confidential and not released to any person beyond the owner of the rifle.

My intent is to someday publish an article which will distill what I have compiled so that we can all know what is "right" for a specific time period rifle.
If you have one, or one dozen Model 1892 rifles and want to add them to the data base I would be very appreciative. I have reference material and a spreadsheet which makes it pretty simple. Contact me at


aco_daskalot 02-03-2012 02:13 PM

Hi my name is Aleksandar i'm from R.Macedonija and i have Wincester 1892 44 WCF 719280. Would you like to send you a pic. from my model. Some parts are missing and I dont now where can I find those parts.Can you help me

c3shooter 02-03-2012 02:39 PM

Hi Alexander- The post you replied to is from May 2010, so will probably not get a response.

Finding parts for your rifle will be a problem- in addition to the age, it is difficult to export firearm parts from the US- it takes a special license from the US State Department for many parts.

There is a large company that sells USED parts, and DOES do some international sales. Go to the website for Numrich-, and be sure to read the section on international sales. Good luck-

And welcome to the forum. When you have the time, stop by the introduction thread and tell us about yourself.

2bit 02-06-2012 11:05 AM

Hi Alexandar,

Surprisingly I am still here and will be glad to help. If you will send me photos to my email at we can go from there. I agree with C3 that Numrichs is a good source. If the parts you need are just 'cosmetic' you shouldn't have any problems getting them from numerous sources.


2bit 03-17-2012 11:52 AM


Thanks for the photos of your rifle and Iwas glad to help figure out the history of the stamp, or proof marks, on the barrel and receiver. The rifle may now be in Macedonia but it entered Europe through Belgium. I can not tell you the date of that timing though except that it would obviously be after 1913 when the rifle was originally manufactured.

If you have any further question let me know.
I will be glad to help.

2bit 03-17-2012 11:59 AM

When I first created this thread almost 2 years ago I had just 470 or so rifles in my research effort. As of this morning I now have 3082 of them. So the effort is going well but it does take a lot of time and effort. If anyone is interested they can read the following forum posts that show a little more of what I do and hopefully will nudge you to want to add your rifle into the effort. I need the SN and a series of photos that you can email to me. I will do my best to tell you how your rifle fits in with the changes made during production, whether it is all original or not, and what it might be valued at.

Here are just a few of mine: ey#p343093

Thanks for any help

2bit 02-02-2013 05:12 PM

Hello all,

Since the last post in March I have added just over 1000 rifles to m yeffort.
Thanks to those who have contacted me via PM or email. Please keep the
rifle data coming. I will be glad to help and answer any questions you might

I have also just started a similar effort for the Winchester Model 61 .22 caliber rifles.
Contact me if you have any of those also please.


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