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hopslover 06-10-2009 06:12 PM

Mini-14 Repair
My series 180 (I know, I know. As soon as this is repaired, it's going on the auction block) had a busted extractor. I purchased a new extractor (yes, it was the expensive $50 extractor meant for the 180) off of Brownell's, along with a new extractor spring and plunger. So now it's time to put everything together. Everything makes sense EXCEPT the plunger. I see from the schematics that the centered, round tail goes into the spring, but I can't figure out how the other end is supposed to fit against the extractor. The groove in the extactor makes me think the long end on the plunger should be horizontal and fit into the groove, but the hole that the spring and plunger goes into is drilled at such an extreme angle that it doesn't seem like the plunger would actually ride in the groove.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Dillinger 06-10-2009 07:31 PM

Not my area of expertise, but I am bumping this up so some other members can see it when they log in. We have a few guys who know the Mini-14 on here that might be able to give you a hand....

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hopslover 06-11-2009 06:02 PM

Thanks, Dillinger.

I found a picture of the plunger, in case anyone's not sure about what I'm describing. The groove in the extractor is a mystery to me. The design and orientation of the plunger suggests it would extend over the edge of the extractor and act as a brake. With the long edge oriented vertically on the muzzle end, I think that's exactly what it would do.

But if that's true, what's the groove in the extractor for? With the plunger oriented horizontally (or possibly vertically on the butt end), a corner of the long side would contract the very end of the groove. With the very limited amount of travel available to the extractor, I can't imagine more than 10% of the groove being used for travel. Seems like the designers would have set the plunger to contact the middle of the groove, if that was it's purpose.

I'm taking this to a local gunsmith that came highly recommended. However, I'm not sure he's ever seen a series 180. I'd like to be able to answer any questions he has.

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