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liebo1 04-28-2008 01:13 AM

mauser 98 -what calibre does it shoot?
I have A 98 mauser(I recently figured out) I thought it was A 7mm because the shell fits perfectly but I tried to fire it and click... the pin hits the center but barely dents it.So then I noticed that when you take A 7mm bullet to the other end of the barrel it is to small. My friend says its an 8mm but I dont know. can anybody help???

NateCJ5 04-29-2008 02:09 AM

8mm Mauser(8x57). Mine was stamped "8x57" on the barrel near the action. Dont buy surpluse corosive ammo. A box of good non-corosive ammo cost about 10x as much but its still cheaper than a new barrel.

RONSERESURPLUS 04-29-2008 03:39 PM

Mauser 98, Caliber?
Hello all/Responce to Liebo1


The question of a Rifle's caliber, is far from always simple? Yes, the majority of 98 mausers I've seen were in 8MM (7.92), some are Even marked that way! Many, have been Converted in Caliber, such as 30/06? After the WW2, many GI's brought back 98's and found ammo hard to find and expense, so many were converted to the more popular and easy to find and affoard 30/06! a lot of the later war 98's found their way into the middle east and some were even converted to .308 nato! I have seen some mausers in 7MM, but not many 98's? Best thing would be to get a "Chamber Cast" made by a smith and know for sure? That, as a costing Money item, you could try the most of the obvuois possible rounds like 8MM, 30/06, 308 NATO - NOT 308 Spanish (Yes thier is a Difference) and 7MM and see what Fits, and works well in the action dry cycling them with out Firing them, till your sure? It's a bit more hit and miss, but it will tell you? Remember, when you test Cartridges this way, it's not the most safe idea, so don't force the Bolt Handle Down, go slow and gentle and see what wants to fit right and work in the action I.E. cyles in and out of the action, ejecting properly! Always load the Bullets into the magazine, Make sure your in a safe place (Preferbly a Range or clear area) Keep your finger off the Trigger and above all, GO SLOW and GENTLE! This will allow you to see what hand cyles and ejects, wehen you find one that does,m you might want to consult a Gun****h to make sure and Yes, it might be worth removing the stock and items tio make sure it's not stamped with the claiber? Make sure even if it is, you try it and make sure it hand cycles first BEFORE YOU FIRE AMMO!

As for Firing Corresive ammo, thats really overcautious, if you clean your Bore will with Hot Soapy water, or use the Old Military Bore solvents, the Corrisive nature of both the Primers and or the Gunpowder will be removed! They did it then, you can do it now! I'm not willing, nor is it worth paying what norma wants for a box of 8MM, when I can buy Militray ball ammo from other countries from Germany, to Chek Republic to Polish or Romanian and it mwill work fine, if Properly cleaned afterwards! Remember the gun was made to fire that, so if you do your clean up, the rifle will do it's job and not rust up on you!

If you find any markings, and want to post a Pic, most of us will be more than Happy to let ya know waht we think, as well as some might want to buy it from you? Ignore them, (Unless you want to sell) and let them give you thier opinion? Like mine, we are rarly 100%, but many times we do pretty good! Use the Group, thats part of what we are here for and maybe down the raod, you will havean anwser to a question the rest of us are baffled with? All part of Sharing and part of being a member man!

liebo1 05-01-2008 01:02 AM

thanks for your reply.Im going to try and post some pix.

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