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7.62 Man 09-27-2013 10:20 PM

Maryland residents NEW gun laws e-mail from OOW
First, I have no involvement to OOW. This is an e-mail I received, just thought it needed to be passed along to help out the Maryland residents.



As of 10/1/13 Maryland residents will no longer be able to lawfully purchase "Assault Rifles/Pistols!"

BUT... the new law does say (and I quote):

A person who lawfully possessed, has a purchase order for, or completed an application to purchase an assault long gun or a copycat weapon before October 1, 2013 may possess and transport the assault long gun or copycat weapon.

So, here's the deal...

If you're from Maryland OR want to support Maryland gun owners (AKA anyone else in the US) and want to buy any of our "assault style" receivers - the AK receivers, or AR 15 lower receivers - we'll give you 10% off if you buy Today through Monday so you'll be eligible to beat this lame ban.

To get the 10% discount, simply use the Promo Code: FREEMD when you check out at the order form page.

*MAKE SURE IT'S THE SHOPPING CART PAGE YOU LINK TO FROM THIS EMAIL!!! dcaf84497d7355a56eec8f8e76e87a4c8e6dce39148d84f2ff 391914574f7

Ok, that's it. Make sure if you're going to pull the trigger on this that you do it before end of day Monday or you're out. CLICK HERE TO GET SOME REVEIVERS AT A 10% DISCOUNT! 2b72b49f6c7bba46c9d1cd3f3f003f75b547efd04e001dae50 aabe1086bd9

Take care.

Bob "Mr. Crabcakes"
So it looks as if time is running out for Maryland residents, if you are wanting one of the so called "assault style" rifles/pistols.
If you don't have the cash right now for the whole gun you can just buy the receiver there are many places that sell them.
Here is a little more info on the new Maryland "assault style" gun laws.

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