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fisher77 07-10-2009 04:15 AM

M95 steyr Clips 4.99
Is 4.99 a good price for the steyr clips.

m72law 07-10-2009 04:41 AM

i'd say 5bucks is a great price...

i just looked on evilbay for sh@tsn giggles...looks like the prices have came down some?...ummm go figure...

guess i should have known when the prices on .223's have almost fell 40%? thats a real good thing...could this be part of the obamanomics at work?...nahhh prob a misprint @aimsurplus?

fisher77 07-10-2009 05:28 AM

You hit the nail right on the head with evil bay. Used to be a good place to get stuff ten years ago. Now just about everthing on there is just a few bucks less than what you could get it retail, and then they ream you out on shipping. Every once in a while you run into a good deal on there. After looking around at the various milsurp sites, it looks like that is the best deal im going to get. Most of the milsurp sites want ten bucks for one clip.

m72law 07-10-2009 07:14 AM

your sooooo right....evilbay WAS a good place to find pretty good deals...but now over 50% of anything dealing as gun parts,reloading,ect is not allowed...i heard its because they go buy commie cali's state laws and think that someone might buy some gun parts,bullets or wtf ever off there crummy site and go on a killing spree? anyhows if you noticed years ago when ebay first started they where for the little guy...hell if it wasnt for everyday average people selling the stuff,they didnt want anymore and might could make a few bucks along the way,ebay wouldnt never made if you notice how they operate they dont care much for the little guys (like myself)...i'll try to explain a little here...i had opened an account on ebay a few years first i was making a pretty good profit on some old car parts,guitars,electronics,very little gun parts (due to the fact of what all is restricted)anyways...i had sold about 10k worth of crap in just under 2 1/2 years and made ebay & them little greedy ashholes @ paypal,to me would be a good pay check for just using theyre website...anyways i noticed how much more they where charging for listing fees and auction sales...its freaking sad to think anyone can try to profit a little being what they of course our laws or the irs,by evilbays rules say you can not profit off of selling most take a in other words i would have to buy something then use it or not,then when i sold it,i had to take less for it then what i paid,so much for them velvet elvis paintings:)....hell i took a loss everytime selling on there..i was told by them jokers they where going to send me a 10-99...i was like wth?so i closed my i have always paid my taxes,so has the old lady,of course her w2 got filled out wrong by some idiot at her work place and she had to pay last year & she dont make shyt.anyhows..if you notice when you go on there...most all there new products they sale from the diffrent sites are made in china,japland,ect...i know its hard to pass up a gooddeal on a cool looking 1000.00 scope for 10bucks...lets all start buying american made products!& get some of us back to work...

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