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JiroZero713 08-23-2009 07:08 AM

The M44 Krakatoa Project
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Recently I was thinking about getting a CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62 x 39 as my first hunting rifle....but after speaking with Stalkingbear I's a good gun but not worth the price because of one thing.

I already have a rifle about the same size that I bought for 40 bucks because it's stock was destroyed as well as the barrel being wrapped in some sticky goop and the bayonet being chopped off.

I posted it a while back and I just bought the gun since it was only 40 bucks...I mean who can complain?

Here it was when I brought it home the Russian m44 rifle with a pretty good bore from what I can tell

Attachment 5382

Attachment 5383

Here it is after I cleaned her up.

Attachment 5384

Attachment 5385

Attachment 5386

So what i have is a base rifle for only 40 bucks

The CZ while a good rifle (and I want it) I could use the money I'd put to just the base CZ 527 rifle towards this gun I already have and make her a hunting dream with her Larger and harder hitting 7.62X54 R round with several hunting commercial loads from what I understand.

The First step will to buy a new stock to replace the broken one. Now in hunting I prefer wood but from the reviews and write ups the best stock option will be this

The ATI Monte Carlo stock in black....I was thinking camo but black is better because I can just camo it myself.

The next step would to mount a scope to it

Now I could get a scout scope mount but....I just don't like that and for hunting I want the scope closer to my eyes even though I already do have good eyes and a scout scope would be nice....but I'd rather have that already in place for later on in life haha

The mount I would most likely use would be the ATI mount

Advanced Technology (ATI) Mosin Nagant Scope Mount System : Cabela's

I'd have to find a gun smith to drill and tap it for me as I don't have the materials.

Next would be a scope and from what bear has suggested since he has it on his muzzle loader

Pentax 4x32 Gameseeker Rifle Scope

Most likely I will be taking the front sight off as well since the bayonet is already off and as you can see in the picture it has an ugly looking knub on it now from the bayonet mount.

After I'm done it should look around like this only with a shorter barrel.

I was thinking about threading the barrel and placing an AK-74 flash hider at the end but as the thread tittle suggests I'm nicknaming this project for me Krakatoe because the flame this thing shoots out is friggan cool and It's loud. Makes you feel all warm inside when you hear it go off so I'm going to leave it as it with the front mount taken off....course the end of the barrel will look weird like this

Then next would be the bent bolt. I'll either get it done here or I'm thinking about shipping my bolt off to Stalkingbear to do because I trust the big ole monster.

Or I'll be purchasing the boltman's ati bolt for 55 bucks

Bent bolts for the Mosin Nagant and Mauser rifles

Maybe I'll have him put a tactical knob on he end of it...just for kicks.

When all is said and done this will be similar to what I've got.

By the end of it I should have a decent first hunting rifle for 1/3-1/2 of the price.

Roughly this is how much.

40 bucks For the Mount
40 bucks to Get the mount mounted and drilled
50 bucks for the new stock
100 Dollars for a decent scope
50 bucks? I think for bending the bolt or buying just a brand new bolt handle all together

Your looking at 280-300 dollars put into my current m44 frankstein mosin and making it into a decent rifle....and the other 400 that would have been used on the base CZ 527 rifle can go to ammo and future guns as well as stocks

Which is good as I want the new SG works SKS bullpup...and then I can also use that as a hunting rifle XP

I'll get payed next week and I'll start buying stuff up then starting with the stock and mount

RL357Mag 08-23-2009 01:06 PM

The only problem you will have is with the ammo available. Some companies make soft point ammo in the 7.62 x 54R, but most ammo is 147gr. or 205gr. copper washed steel core - which you don't want to use for hunting. The soft point ammo available is really overkill for deer, and all of it is corrosive steel cased berdan primed ammo, unless you buy premium hunting ammo at over $1.25 a round. If you reload you can produce some nice ammo using commercially available .312 dia bullets of various configurations, but the brass is too expensive to buy, currently over $50 for 100 rds.. For the same amount of money you are going to spend sporterizing your M44, you can buy a new Mossberg 100 ATR in .243, .270, or 30-06. I have a 91/30 that I would love to use this fall for deer, but I can't see spending over $125 on brass, bullets, & dies so I can shoot a deer when I have other guns that will do the trick. Whatever you decide, be sure to shoot that M44 for accuracy before you dump a load of money into it!

JiroZero713 08-23-2009 02:50 PM

It's not accurate at all current as the iron sights are horrible on this gun as the bayonet has been cut off as well as other stuff.

I really don't want to buy a new rifle unless it's CZ.

RL357Mag 08-23-2009 04:10 PM

Shoot it at 50 yds. and try to squeeze every bit of accuracy you can out of it. That should be an indication of whether or not it's worth spending money on, because one thing is certain, if it's not accurate now, dumping a couple hundred bucks into accessories isn't going to make it any more accurate...

JiroZero713 08-23-2009 04:35 PM

I already have.

It's not accurate as the sights are off but I know it shoots consistent up high and to the left. I would have to realign the sites which I can't do and would just be wasted money on my part on doing that when I could just mount a scope it it and make it accurate from that.

The Bore and rifling is good. It's the sights that suck.

I'm not looking for dead on accuracy. Just something I can hit a deer with at 100-200 yards...something a Mosin should be able to do no problem and has enough knock down power to be an effective killer.

CA357 08-23-2009 05:25 PM

Listen to RL and go buy a decent hunting rifle.

Mosins are cheap, just buy another one to play with. Mosins are decent rifles, but they're cheap for a reason. I had an M38 and a 91/59, they were in good shape out of the gate. Get rid of that one or just keep it for spares.

BTW, I made the M38 into a Scout Rifle and posted the info here:

M14sRock 08-23-2009 06:02 PM

I say do it.

My partner picked up an M38 super cheap. He put the ATI stock and a scout mount on it, then topped it off with a cheap red dot. It seldom gets used, but is very fun when it does get out.

It is plenty accurate for what you intend, and if you like your M44 go ahead and do the work.

Does your rifle group well? It doesn't matter where the group is in relation to where the sights point, just how tight the group is. The scope should make it easier to move your POA to meet your POI.

I did the same project on a No4Mk1 Enfield that had been chopped like yours. It shot 30" high at 100 yards, but grouped well. ATI stock, S&K mount, cheap Weaver rings, Leupold 2-7 Rifleman and some Aluma Hyde2 paint turned it into a very cool hunting rifle that shoots great.

slowryde45 08-23-2009 11:17 PM

Go for it. Like you said, for a FIRST hunting rifle, and obviously on a limited budget, what do you have to lose?

You've already got the foundation, and seemingly a decent and thought out plan. You know that you won't end up with a "tack-driver", but you also aren't expecting that. So, as long as it is within your means (financially - and you don't get too crazy with parts), make it your own ;)

Besides, that's what this hobby is all about. Anyone can be a wanna-be, look-a-like, mall-ninja, etc., by just buying whatever everyone on the net or in the neighborhood tells them to buy, or they won't be tacticool. But taking a rifle that you only had to give $40 for, and being able to make it into something you've envisioned, and can afford to do, that's what makes it all worth it. If you end up with a rifle that bags you a deer, then've got bragging rights. If you don't, then you still have something to be proud of, you did it all yourself. So go for it...take your time...ask questions or advice if you get stuck...take pics along the way...and keep us informed. Looking forward to the finished piece.


JiroZero713 08-24-2009 01:37 AM

Well I had planned to keep the rifle as in and just have it as a fun gun shoot that I would eventually sell when I'm older for a 'profit' or what I got out of it or I would do what I'm going to do now.

If it's a waste of money it's a waste of money....but I had planned on doing it anyway down the road.

And if it turns out to be a lemon....oh well I'll just save all the junk on that Mosin on a furture mosin to mess with.

The reason why it's easier on this Mosin is the historical value has already been ruined so drilling and tapping is not bad on the rifle in this instance.

That's why this one is perfect for this project.

JiroZero713 08-31-2009 03:33 AM

Stock has been bought. Should arrive sometime next week.

After that I'm going to wait til next paycheck then I'm going to call the boltman and send my bolt into him to mess around with.

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