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BigRick71 07-03-2009 05:11 AM

Like some info about my rifle
I recently bought an old Ward Western Field tube-fed 14M. 488A 22. LR-ONLY. The saleman wasn't too informative and would love to have as much knowledge and background as I can on it. I know (or assume) its a semi-automatic. I have no clue when it was last fired, but salesman did say it was a good shooter, i.e. no bad spring, etc. There is no serial # on it which tells me it may be even older than i thought, which is great. I love classics. Thanks for any help/info you may have.

allyellow 07-03-2009 05:32 PM

western field is just a house brand for montgomery ward , The orig mfgr was

mossberg the orig model was the model 51.

model 51 was mfg in 1939 only

c3shooter 07-03-2009 09:19 PM

And serial number for rifles and shotguns were not required by Federal law until the 1968 Gun Control Act.

For anyone else- Numrich Gun Parts Corp, e-Commerce Super Site is the home page for Numrich guns parts. On the EMPLOYEE forum (left side- right side is public forum) scroll down, until you find cross reference. Allows you to cross a store brand (like Westernfield, JC Higgins) model number to the original make and model. Their data base is not perfect, but helpful in many cases.

BigRick71 07-04-2009 04:51 AM

thanks for the replies...alot of history there

Stealie 07-04-2009 06:49 AM

Welcome to the forum from Ohio. Plenty of good info here.

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