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HighPlainsDrifter 05-16-2011 09:59 PM

Is this a legit Ad???
I stubble across this ad the other day surfing the web for ammo. It seem a little to good to be true. Am i missing something or is this real prices.

orangello 05-16-2011 10:13 PM

I couldn't find a date on it, could you?

It shows a CZ52 for like $100, but that isn't on their website.


If it is legit, i got some money for those boys!

jpattersonnh 05-16-2011 10:44 PM

Take a look at the Rifle prices. 10 years old++.

Jesse17 05-16-2011 11:44 PM

There website list very little ammo in stock. No .45s

Bigcountry02 05-16-2011 11:58 PM

They have 7.62 x 39 for 1260 rds $279.00 for brass rounds and not the steel either.

Right now I am doing a face plant on the desk for not buying that SKS with Dragnov stock for $350.

Jesse17 05-17-2011 12:05 AM

I believe I'll call them tomorrow just to see if they happen to have .45, just not listed on the site.:D

c3shooter 05-17-2011 01:52 AM

Those were prevailing prices several years back. May not have updated (internet and herpes- both are forever) Check and see if they are still good- if so, I will be calling them for some rifles.

HighPlainsDrifter 05-17-2011 02:04 AM

Yeah i hope to god they are real prices. I could use a lot of what they have. Let me know if it is current when you guys call.

jackandcoke 05-17-2011 02:08 AM

It says on the top line "Prices subject to change" so I wouldn't hold your breath.

Jesse17 05-17-2011 02:37 AM

Yeah I doubt like heck they're current prices, but with a phone call. I'll post back as soon as I talk to them.

Any specific items you guys want me to ask about?

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