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bushmaster74 12-31-2012 11:01 PM

Left handed
Just inherited a savage model 112 heavy stainless barreled .300 wig mag but its left handed. Would like to keep it bein it was passed to me. I seen where some marine snipers prefer using a left handed gun and still shoot right handed. Any feedback would be helpful

nosaj 12-31-2012 11:04 PM

You will get used to it. I shoot lefty and have never even handled a lefthanded gun...haha. ..... Or just pass it onto a lucky lefty friend :)

blucoondawg 12-31-2012 11:04 PM

I am left handed and have never owned a left handed gun, when I use bolt actions I use right handed ones that I have available and I am using them in a situation where I can take a careful rest and make a good shot and generally won't need to jack a shell in and make a second shot in a hurry. I find this is especially true with the heavy barrel guns, you are usually shooting off a bench or something trying to make more precision shots, as opposed to carrying it through the woods shooting at fast moving game where additional shots may be required.

DrumJunkie 12-31-2012 11:44 PM

Left hand people like myself have used right handed guns forever. I really don't see a problem.

Txhillbilly 12-31-2012 11:47 PM

As long as the stock is ambidextrous,it doesn't matter which way the rifle is shot.
I'm right handed but shoot left handed,I shoot both LH and RH rifles. I prefer to shoot LH rifles,but own many RH rifles that don't happen to come in LH so I just buy them anyway.
Your Savage should be a very accurate rifle.If it's in a factory tupperware stock,it'll beat you to death,but in a good quality stock they are very nice to shoot.

bushmaster74 01-01-2013 01:02 AM

Thanks for the input. It is greatly appreciated. Txhillbilly where would be a good place to find a good stock for it because like you said. It does have the Tupperware stock on it

Txhillbilly 01-02-2013 12:12 AM

bushmaster74,I sent you a PM with some stock info.

JimRau 01-02-2013 01:07 AM

I am left eye dominate so I shoot my long guns LH. I have noticed when I was 'sniping' I was firing from a prone/supported position most of the time. When In that environment I could stay on target and fire more accurately and faster because I never had to take my hand off the trigger (this is using a RH bolt), but while hunting and not having the option of always being in a supported firing position the LH bolt is much superior.

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