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EMan2008 01-12-2013 08:25 PM

Laser Bore Sight Q's
Okay so i bought a laser bore sighter for my savage axis .308 it has a stainless barrel and a great bipod however the scope is a second hand center point. I know that the lasers are not for perfect aim but i developed a way to make it slightly better, i super glued a pencil to the back of it and rotate it inside the chamber and zero my scope inside the circle the laser makes. I did this last night at dark so i could see the best, and today i took it out for a test run. I took a cinder block and broke it in half making a small target, set it at 400 yards and nailed it first shot! Then i went to tune it up a little at a shorter target at 100 yards and the shots where way high, and i don't know why. I laser sighter at about 150 yards on the neighbors barn. And then after that i went for another cinder block back at 400 yds. Couldnt hit it to save my life! Is it my scope not holding its zero? Is it because of the recoil on a crappy scope? Was it an laser sighter error? It seems that whenever i go through different magnifications it gets worse

hiwall 01-12-2013 08:39 PM

"It seems that whenever i go through different magnifications it gets worse "

This statement points to a bad scope. Other possible would be loose screws in the bases(mounts) or rings. All screws should be TIGHT.

EMan2008 01-12-2013 09:19 PM

I got em tight as i could get em,but i don't k ow for sure that it gets worse with magnification yet, it just seems that way because i not even getting a dirt puff behind my target making me believe the bullet is way high just like my close up target

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