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audrey_z 04-25-2007 04:50 PM

Just 3 calibers
For whatever reason if you could only own 3 calibers what would they be and why? :)

Declaration Day 04-25-2007 05:36 PM

.308 for long range target shooting / hunting / defense.

.45ACP because my 1911s need to eat.

.22lr for plinking / small game hunting, because it's cheap.

flashman70 05-07-2007 02:37 PM

Boy, I'd have to retire a lot of my guns, but if forced to choose, it'd be:

.45 ACP

Most of my CCW guns are 9mm, but I love my USP45c.

UnBound 05-10-2007 04:20 PM

Rifles only:
1. 30-06, I'm old school like that I guess and it gets my vote as the best all around cartridge of all time.
2. .22 It should be a rule that everyone owns a 22 :)
3. .243 From the little the the mid-size game this cartridge can get the job done.

1. .45ACP Come on, it's a 45!
2. .357 My revolver just loves to sling magnums.
3. .22 See above :)

If I could only have 3 period I'd have to say the 30-06, the .45ACP, and a .22.

retro 05-10-2007 08:52 PM

  • .308 (7.62x51) because its such an effective combat round, still readily available and reasonably priced (in bulk purchases)
  • .45 ACP because I believe it's the best handgun caliber ever
  • .22 for varmint control and small animal hunting
  • and (if I can sneak a 4th one in) 12 Gauge for everything else

BrassMonkey 05-10-2007 10:56 PM

12 gauge
.22 lr

RONSERESURPLUS 05-27-2007 03:55 PM

Just 3 calibers?
Hello all


I'm gonna cheat like that one other fella did and Quote 3 Pistol and 3 rifle calibers:



These three as I have guns to fire them, they have always worked for me and I can hit what I aim at with them? LOL .22 cuz as the other fellow said, ya gotta have a 22?


.308 7.62X51



These have served me all my life, I like many weapons chambered in them and I do hit what I am aiming at with these and Diddo on the needing .22lr always!

If you will notice, all 6 of th 3 Fav calibers I can walk into most places and Buy a box, Not pay an arm and a leg and I don't have to worry about if they will work?


45_Storm 05-27-2007 05:51 PM

.45 ACP for Defense
.223 for small game
.22 for practice

And if I could have a 4th, .50 call for everything!

ScottG 05-27-2007 11:47 PM

I would have:
  1. 30-06 for defense and food acquisition
  2. .357 for handgun and levergun uses
  3. .22 for other uses

Rebailey 05-29-2007 08:37 PM

Since this is a rifle discussion my three would be-----
.22 lr, .223, and .30-06. With the correct bullets and reloading I would tackle anything on earth.

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