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2hot2handle 04-24-2012 12:59 PM

Interested in long range
I've been browsing around this section and have quite a few questions.

I'm a new shooter, I shoot guns but I wouldn't call myself a marksman by any stretch of the imagination. I really like the thought of long range marksmanship and the challenges that come with it.

First: Eventually I would love to get out past 700 yards or so just for kicks and giggles. I know that I must first really learn to shoot though. I have no idea about the basics when it comes to true accuracy, everything I know is self taught and from the internet (an excellent source i know ). Where is a good place/books/videos to learn the basics of marksmanship and the terminology associated with it? I'm talking about DOPE etc.

Second: Obviously I will need a rifle. Unfortunately I am a piss poor person. I am young (19) and only have a part time job right now (looking for more work) . So at what point is it even worth "getting into the game" if you know what I mean? I realize that there is no ceiling on what you can spend, what I am looking for is the basement. I am not worried about having the coolest gun out there because the coolest latest technology will not help with breathing, trigger pull, the reading of the wind etc. I've seen people with the best of the best gear be the worst of the worst performers because they are trying to buy skill.

Third: I suppose this should go with the second however here we are. Caliber, I do have the tools necessary to reload, but I haven't even tried to do it yet. I'm planning on reloading whatever I shoot but I am sure it would be easier to reload a common caliber instead of something exotic however I leave that up to you to tell me. I am thinking along the lines of .308 or 30-06 correct me if I am out of line, I don't take it personal I'm here to learn.

Fourth: Scope?

Fifth: Bipod?

Sixth: I'm guessing I'm going to be told to buy a 22lr to start out. I already own several firearms, I'd really rather not invest in a bolt .22 and scope etc. but I'll wait and let myself be schooled.

so in ending thank you for your time and I look forward to your responses and knowledge.

mountainman13 04-24-2012 01:24 PM

It sounds like you have a good knowledge base. Next you'll need practice. I would suggest picking up something like a nagant to start with. For somewhere in the range of $100 you will have a great start. With just the basic iron sights you should be able to shoot out to 100 yds no problem and with the mil-surp ammo you can shoot all day. When you're ready to extend things you could have the stock replaced/bedded and get a scope etc and the gun should have no problem getting you out to 300 yds. Beyond that if you really want something with a good 700 yard trajectory its probably gonna get expensive.

jjfuller1 04-24-2012 01:26 PM

first, practice practice practice. short yardage is great to get better. as you said as you become more proficient you can extend your range.

second, savage, and marlin make good rifles that are affordable, and can handle shooting accurately.

third, as far as caliber i might suggest starting off a little smaller, such as a .223, .243. the ammo will be cheaper if reloading or not and thus provide you with more shots, and less recoil. i'm not shy to recoil. but have also learned its alot easier to focus and learn good technique when recoil is not part of the equation. and either of those calibers will be accurate out 4 -500 yards. which even then will still take practice unless you are magical .

fourth, nikon, leupold, bushnell,burris all make good scopes that are fairly affordable, and will get you the precision you need to attain at least 500 yards. as i mentioned before after you hit that goal you can think about upgrading scopes. the brands i mentioned offer scopes from 3x9x40, to 5x15x40, which will be more than satisfactory and most under are 500 dollars.

filth, bipod? is your arm borken? for the first few hundred yards i would like to think you could handle the task. this is definatly a shooters preference part. and thus should be considered after you have had some shooting time.

sixth, you failed to mention what firearms you do own. the basics are pretty universal and should be applied to any caliber. pick one you have and start practicing while saving money for your purchases. if you have a .22 already use it. if you have a 9mm carbine, use it.

start at 50 yards. after you can reapeatedly put all shots in a nice ragged hole. move to the 100 yard. line then the 125 , and so on.

hope this was helpful. it seems you have already read the basic marksmanship rules. now you just need to learn to apply them.

purehavoc 04-24-2012 03:18 PM

Im not sure what your looking to spend Nagant would be a good cheap starting point . if your looking for something a little newer I might suggest looking at a Savage, Marlin or even a Stevens for around $300 . .223 will probably be the cheapest round you will buy off the shelf unless your reloading yourself . it will still reach out to 500 yards and it will be very challenging to do so with it . They also make the Savage Axis in multiple calibers I have listed below , while its a good gun for the money the trigger is heavy and needs a little bit of work to get it proper , if you have any knowledge of trigger it can be done for about $3 or you can have a smith do it for about $40 , the Sevens and marlin have better triggers IMHO
22-250 REM
223 REM
243 WIN
25-06 REM
270 WIN
30-06 SPFLD
308 WIN
7MM-08 REM

2hot2handle 04-24-2012 03:28 PM

I have the following rifles:
Mosin Nagant

jjfuller1 04-24-2012 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by 2hot2handle (Post 780625)
I have the following rifles:
Mosin Nagant

well you are good to go for awhile.. just practice untill you are confident with your shooting ability. the ar and mosin should be good till 2 - 300yards. you can always add a scope to your ar if you have not yet done so. and the 22 is great for 100 yards and less practice. plus cheaper. once you get the basics down and dont miss much, purchase a rifle. and by that time you may want to consider upping the caliber to one of the ones listed.

therewolf 04-24-2012 09:29 PM

I'd advise considering the 30.06 as a decent L/R caliber.

Seven huh-huh-hundred yards? Do you have access

to a range that long?

One trick pro shooters use is to become extremely

proficient with a 22LR which is as exact a copy as

possible as their long-range caliber rifle. Cuts way down

on expense, and increases expertise.

You may also want to consider reloading for accuracy purposes.

QC of your rounds would be unsurpassed, and you could load your

own choices of gunpowder, projectile, and primer.

purehavoc 04-24-2012 09:37 PM

I like to practice with my .22 also , I just use smaller targets and learn to get proficient with it . once you are knocking out dime sized spots at 50 with the .22 move on up a caliber

Intheshop 04-25-2012 12:09 PM

I love both....30-06 and .308.Have a few of each.Probably go with '06 more when hunting and .308 when target shooting.

But reason for post was to just say that either of the above 30's....when used in a decent turnbolt....make very fine cast bullet shooters.There "might" be a theoretical advantage to the shorter .308 case?But its all about the practice.

We shoot at the same dirt berm about 90% of the time....reclaiming the lead.Once the load is sighted in/confirmed on heavy bags/rest....its all about offhand practice.So just give some thought to cast bullets and a 30 cal sumthin.Makes for great practice on the cheap.Shopnut

Liflavor 04-25-2012 03:51 PM

Both are very good rounds out to 700 hundred yards. The is a little difference in the recoil with the two as well as price when you go buy bulk ammo. Personal i suggest you lean to 308 because of recoil that way you can practice long. if your going with tractial long range there is a lot more equipment for that round. Plus its effectiveness is out well pass that range. I try to find a good model 700 rem. And just build from it

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