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cpttango30 12-08-2008 07:53 PM

I am going to try something different
Ok So I got a few buddies that are into F-class shooting and do it once or twice a month here in the spring summer and fall. So I went and watched. Wow looks like a bunch of fun. Now I need a rifle.

I have on hand a big hefty 308 built on a 1917 Enfield or P17 action. The scope is a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x40mm. Not the best 1000 yard scope but it will work my buddies have the nice fancy high dollar Nightforce scopes in 12-42 but they all say they keep it at about 24 or 25x max so the heat doesn't bother it as much.

So I have a rifle and a scope. Now I need an extra 20moa of elevation. That is a problem as one of the mounts is custom made for my rifle. I don't have the funds for the custom 20moa bases and rings. I was surfing the web looking for different things. I started out with buying a billet of 1913 rail and having my gunsmith cut it down to length and making it work. Still $50 for the stock and $300 for the labor. Still a no go, So I look some more and more then it hit me. Burris Signature rings have plastic inserts in them to "Protect your scope" but Burris also makes a kit with offset inserts. I can get 20moa or 30moa out of this set up with no lapping or turning of the rings.

Once I get the rings and offset kit I will take pictures of the stuff and the process of mounting of the rings and basses then scope.

Once I get it all put together I then have to start working up a load. I have some 175gr Sierra's but I need more a whole lot more. I think I am going to use VV N550. I am also going to switch to Lapua or norma cases. Might even try some berger bullets.

Benning Boy 12-23-2008 03:17 PM

What is F class?

hillbilly68 12-23-2008 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Benning Boy (Post 57105)
What is F class?

Its for guys who are not good enough to shoot E Class, but are too good to compete in G class. :D:D

I was going to ask the same thing BB. Here we go to Google...

cpttango30 12-23-2008 11:06 PM

F-Class shooting is shooting at 800 900 and 1000 yards from the prone position. It is like high power or palma but in palma you can't use optics and F-class you can.

Basicly what ever rifle you bring to the range that you can pack to and from the firing line you can shoot in f-class. There is no cartridge limit you can shoot anything from a 223 to a 50bmg. Where I shoot you can only take down range what you can carry in one trip. So you can not take a 300# shooting bench. Most of the guys where I shoot have a rest of some kind a shooting mat rifle ammo and a backpack to carry the stuff in. That is it it take right around 100 rounds to shoot a match with sighters. You shoot 15 at both 800 and 900 with 10 sighters each for 50 rounds then 20 rounds at 1000 with unlimited sighters.

At one match last year I went to there were rifles from a remington 700 to Bat to Surgon to Pandas and others. the calibers were from a 243 on up to a very nice 300 winmag.

One guy was testing some new loads for his 1000 yard bench gun he was shooting a 300 ai (300 weatherby mag blown out to a 40* shoulder and min body taper.)

Here is some info on F-class shooting.

It was started by older Palma shooters I believe for a way to keep shooting after there eyes told them to stop shooting open sights at long range.

Where I shoot there was a teenage girl shooting a 243 win that was kickin butt and takin names. The guy with the 300 win mag was a buddy of mine it was a USMC sniper rifle look alike. My other buddy was shooting his suppressed 308win with a US Optics SN-3 T-PAL 5-25x. So it is like a shoot what you bring kind of event. One guy was shooting a remmy 700 and had to beat the bolt open on every shot because he was loading his rounds so hot.

Benning Boy 12-24-2008 04:07 AM

Okay, now I'm intrigued. What is the minimum recommended cartridge for such an event? I realize this leaves alot to personal taste, but I know that spiffy Hi Point carbine isn't going to quite reach, and I've never tried to reach out further than 600 meters.

cpttango30 12-24-2008 06:19 PM

Seen some guys shooting the 22-6mmAI and 223 or 22-250. If you are going to use the small calibers you need a very fast twist. I would go with nothing less that a 6mm with 6.5 and 30 cal dominating the line at any given shoot.

If you want a out of the box F-class gun then savage has two and I think they are coming out with a third.

Dillinger 12-24-2008 06:24 PM

6.5mm x 284 is dominating up here currently. Very popular with all the long range guys.

cpttango30 12-24-2008 08:00 PM

I am thinking of changing my 308 into a 6.5-284. Or even a straight 284 win. Seen and heard of a few of those now making a come back.

It is amazing what happens to some really good cartridges.

Take the 264 win mag this was a cartridge way before its time. If it would have come out 20 to 30 years later it would be going strong today. The 284 was a flop but neck it down and bang you got a long range paper killing machine that in a good rifle will print sub 2" groups at 600 or 700 yards.

The 7mm Express or 280 Rem didn't take off until long time after it was introduced and then it had to go threw a few name changes.

People think the 222 rem is worthless but in the 1950's it was king of the hill and it took the 6mm ppc to dethrone it. Still the 222 Rem holds at least one benchrest record that stills stands today. It was over shadowed by the bigger is better crowd. The 223 is not as accurate as the 222 not any anyones wet dream.

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