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thundermonty 02-07-2011 01:48 AM

is this gun safe to shoot?
it is an older gun. probably from WWII. it is a carcano rifle. it was originally a 6.5x52mm, i guess after the war they modified some of these guns to shoot the 8mm mauser round. but these experiments failed and so clips were never made. making the guns single shots. the rifles just dissapeared because nobody wanted them. some old guy sold it to me for 80$ and said it was sitting around forever. i cleaned it out and had a gun smith look at it and he said it should be okay but my father says not to trust it. so i want some opinions.

heres the link to the photos:

gun - a set on Flickr

sorry if i haven't given enough detail. just feel free to ask me!

M14sRock 02-07-2011 02:34 AM

I would not fire it. The Carcano can't handle the high pressures of the 8mm.

c3shooter 02-07-2011 02:45 AM

Agree. There was actually a wartime conversion- and it was found the rifles just were not up to it. If it is in 8mm Mauser, I would look really hard at making a GREAT floor lamp for my man cave. Sorry-

thundermonty 02-07-2011 03:25 AM

okay, thanks guys! so i guess it could fir but it just isnt a good idea huh? well if i'm ever in an emergency i might use it but the watermelons will have to wait hahha :)

M14sRock 02-07-2011 03:29 AM


Originally Posted by thundermonty (Post 438893)
okay, thanks guys! so i guess it could fir but it just isnt a good idea huh? well if i'm ever in an emergency i might use it but the watermelons will have to wait hahha :)

I hate to sound like Shi, but you could always get a bayonet for it... :)

jpattersonnh 02-07-2011 04:23 PM

More info!!
Carcano Database - Carcano 38S (8mm)
Carcano Model Identification

This paragraph really jumps out!!!

There are also late war official German 8x57 IS conversions, undertaken as an emergency measure for the Volkssturm in both magazine and single-shot configurations (Heinrich Krieghoff branch factory in Tyrol). These are very rare, and must not be confused by the much more commonly offered following variant:
Some Moschetti TS M38 were chambered for the 7,92x57 Mauser (aka 7,9x57 Mauser; 8 x 57 IS; 8mm Mauser). We call them "M38 S" here, because they usually bear a large "S" mark on the receiver, and often also on the bolt handle; their receiver breech end has a half-moon cut to accomodate for the longer 8 x 57 IS cartridges (just as with the Norvegian Kar 98k converted to .30-06, and the Turkish M 1903/38 conversions).
Richard Hobbs thinks, based on an oblique and unclear remark in Italian army supply documents, that these guns were intended for Italian troops operating on the Russian front, and he thus calls this sub-model the Moschetto M38 TS Russi (Russian); but this appears to be a naming after the fact (unless further Italian sources be discovered). Others disagree, based e.g. on the argument that the term "Fucili Russi 8mm" could as well and even more literally refer to two not uncommon RUSSIAN World War I bounty weapons: to the Austrian-captured Mosin-Nagants converted to 8 x 50 R Steyr and to the German-captured Mosin-Nagants converted to 8 x 57 IS. Besides, the Italian armed forces had enormous stocks of original Austrian M1895 rifles and carbines, and also used them in WW II. These critics identify those Moschetti either as post-war conversions done for Egypt, some of which were captured by Israel, or as direct war aid deliveries to Israel.
The most likely conclusion is therefore that at least two, maybe three different Carcano types in 8x57 IS exist; their history still remains somewhat unclear until now.

And this!!

As previously mentioned, the Carcano rifle was produced in 4 calibers, and also "typically" found in a 5th caliber:
6,5x52 Carcano (M91's, and the submodels M91/24, M91/28, M91/38, M91/41))
7,35x51 Carcano (M38 only)
7,92x57 IS Mauser (M38 S and German Army Conversions)
6,5x50 Japanese (Tipo I only)
6,5x54 MS Greek (Austrian rechambered WW I capture guns)
The caliber of a Carcano, actually just the bore diameter, can be found imprinted either on the Mod. 38 and Mod. 91/38 fixed rear sight, or as a later proof mark on the barrel's muzzle end (United Kingdom proof) or breech end (German proof). In the case of 7,35x51 Carcano chambered guns, the left side of the buttstock should also be imprinted with a large-lettered "CAL. 7,35", unless the gun has been re-fitted with a M91/38 stock.

Pics or the receiver would really help...

whtsmoke 02-07-2011 09:15 PM

These make a nice floor lamp for the rec room, but do not ever shoot it. if you do tie it in an old tire, put a string on the trigger step back a safe distance and see what happens.

jpattersonnh 02-07-2011 10:00 PM

He can always load cast lead low pressure loads!! I have plenty of recipes if you need them. I would want to shoot it!! Max for the action is 38,000 PSI. I have plenty of 35000 psi loads.

thundermonty 02-08-2011 11:12 AM

a friend of mine is going to make some custom loads for me. we are going to tie it up and pull a string. i'll upload some pics later :)

Laufer 02-09-2011 05:54 AM

My impression is that some were in 8 x 56R, but maybe not.

If so, the ammo is about $1.15/rd., by Prvi P. and Hornady. It is on "Ammo seek".

A buddy who lives on the opposite edge of town bought a really nice example at the show here several months ago, and this might have been the caliber.
With several versions of 8mm, are the guns all labeled correctly?

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