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mrbirdguy 10-18-2012 04:24 PM

Fox gun 204. 17 hnr, 17 hornet
Looking at a fox size animal gun what would you recomemd
204, 17hmr, 17 hornet have Ben concidered but what would you use? WhAt caliber?

reloader97 10-18-2012 05:38 PM

I don't use any of them but my uncle swears by the .22 hornet for coyotes. Personally I like my 22-250.

skeniger2002 10-18-2012 07:18 PM

Ill go with a 17hmr that's plenty for fox but I know alot that use 12 gauge to

bigdaddy573 10-18-2012 07:28 PM

I use a 22-250 as my varmint rifle for everything from nasty possams to the big bad coyote and its never fails to drop them with a 55gr ballistic silvertip

gmaster456 10-19-2012 02:48 AM

I thought about .17hmr for coyotes. How well do you think it would work with 20 grain v max?

Axxe55 10-19-2012 03:31 AM

i think a lot will depend on what distances you plan hunting at, as to which would work better. depending on ranges used for hunting, there might even be some better choices. another consideration is, are you planning on harvesting the pelts?

of the three choices listed, the 204 Ruger will probably give you the most range and best results. just my opinion. very fast, very accurate and longer shooting distances than the other two. another good choice would be the 223.

bigdaddy573 10-19-2012 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by gmaster456
I thought about .17hmr for coyotes. How well do you think it would work with 20 grain v max?

One of my buddys hunt coyote with the 17 hmr with 17gr v-max and it dose the job but you should keep it at a decent range

jpattersonnh 10-19-2012 11:26 AM

Axxe brings up the most important point, Range. Another factor if you don't Hand load is cost. Out to 50 yards a .22lr works just fine on both gray and reds.
For the .17HMR a 20gr game point should do well at 125..150 yards, a .22WMR will also take care of business w/ the newer 30gr. 1/3 more mass weight = more energy down range. Now w/ a .22lr and even a .17HMR shot placement is very critical. Canines vitals are lower in their body cavity then most would expect. I'm not saying that shot placement is not critical w/ any caliber, but if you are off be 2" you will have a wounded animal that will die but it can take a long time. Where you live is also a factor. I have a great .223 varmint rifle I can't use in the Southern part of my State. Rimfire or shotgun only. A shotgun w/ #4 lead is pretty potent medicine for fox or coyotes out to 40 yards. 204 is a great caliber will really reach out, .22 Hornet is another VG fox round. The cost factor is huge between rimfires and centerfires. The .17HMR and .22WMR will cost about 11.99 to 15.99 for 50 rounds. .22 Hornet about 19.00+ per 50. .223 and .22-250.. 19.00+ per 20. Hornady does make 50 round boxes of .223 for about 36.00.

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