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First gun you ever shot?

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My brother's Savage single shot .22,it's like from the 1930's.I seen him shooting it and it seemed so massivley powerful,I was terrified to get close but eventually I began shooting it not too long after.I actually own that gun now,it's falling apart and I don't shoot it but I have it
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I was 7 years old and dad was shooting clays out in the back yard with my uncle. Dad had a 16 ga. Remington pump. He asked me if I wanted to shoot a clay so I said sure. He told me to say pull and I did. I shot the clay before it got more than 10 yards past us.

Dad started screaming that I shot way too soon. My uncle started yelling, "Oh my God!" over and over again and he was laying on the ground rolling around back and forth and back and forth and yelling and rolling and rolling and yelling. I thought for sure I had shot my uncle between all the screaming going on. But I knew I had hit the clay so I couldn't figure out how I managed to shoot my uncle, who was standing behind me when I shot anyway because he threw the clay.

Finally it dawned on me that my uncle was screaming because I had hit a clay on my first shot ever. He must have laid there on the ground screaming for 10 minutes though. Dad was still mad because I had shot so quick. He finally asked me why I shot so early so I told him I had a bead on it and I just pulled the trigger. Dad stopped screaming and said something like, "Well that's the idea I guess," but my uncle started screaming again. He was really into shooting clays and dad was too because they both liked to quail hunt. Before long dad bought an actual trap machine which was an expensive thing back then. I think dad paid $600 for it which was like $6000 now. This was like 1963. He sold it after about a year and got almost all of his money back but for a year we had shotgunners coming to our house from all over the tri-state plus Columbus, where my uncle lived, and Dayton, where another uncle and a good friend lived.

I still chuckle when I think about seeing my uncle rolling on the ground and screaming the way he did. It's no wonder I thought I shot him the way he was acting. He talked about that for years and I guess I'm still talking about it.
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My first gun was when I was 14 it was a Marlin 336 30-30 killed first deer with it got it before the hunt
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Sears and Roebuck Revelation at 6. I'm pretty sure this is the same as a Marlin 60, they look identical.
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The first firearm I ever fired was my father's (and now mine) Remington Sportsman 58. No real story behind it we just went down to the local range and shot about 2 or 3 boxes of ammunition through it. However what got me hooked on shooting was I grew up shooting my Uncle's pellet gun a lot at stuff like tin cans and rotten fruit.
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Originally Posted by JTJ View Post
I did not have the advantage of a shooting dad. The 1st gun I fired was the M1 Carbine when I was 18 and in the AF. That was 53 years and a lot guns ago. My kids shot their 1st time at 5.
I always appreciated that my Dad went the extra mile to let me shoot some tree rats & such; he was not into hunting or much into plinking or anything. He followed me around the woods quite a bit, generally just watching and carrying a single shot 20 guage that I don't ever really remember seeing him fire. I guess he figured he was obligated to do the shooting/hunting thing to some extent, since he got to skip it with my three older siblings, all girls who did much of their growing up while living in Pittsburgh and Birmingham. I was their first & only male child and did my "growing up" (disputed by many exes) in/near small town Mississippi. Dad is a good guy & probably deserves Father's Day about once per week.
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If I recall correctly it was a Glock 19 and I think i was 10?
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uhmmm was a .38 spl snubbie when i was 10
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I was 8 and my first gun was a .22 magnum bolt action 7+1. It was a christmas presant. I loved that gun, i still have it but it doesnt seem to shoot to straight anymore. Probably slid down the wall a few to many times haha. But i will never get rid of her.
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My jack$&& of a dad let me shoot his ithaca single shot twelve gauge when I was like three. He held the fore arm and I did the rest. All because I pestered him bout it. I dnt remember much bout it though. Then my paternal grandpa asked mom if he could start teachin' me 2 shoot. Iv still got that remington nylon 66, I bought it from him for $50 bout 6 months before he died. That was almost 6 years ago. So you could say I started bout 19 years ago and have been a gun junkie since.
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