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Righteous 04-01-2008 01:43 AM

First Gun you ever Owned
Thought this might be a kool thread, lets see how many of you have the first gun you ever owned. I got this one when I was 13, I'm 45 now. its a Revelation 410 bolt action 3 shot internal magazine. Came from a Western Auto store. Killed a few squirrels with it bout all.

fapprez 04-01-2008 12:06 PM

Yep, I still have my first rifle, too. It's my Marlin Mod. 60 22lr. I won it off of my Grandfather when I was 8 years old. I am now 29. Wouldn't trade that rifle for anything in the world.

matt g 04-01-2008 01:15 PM

My grandmother bought my brother and I Marlin Model 60s when I was 6 and he was 3.

Dillinger 04-01-2008 01:55 PM

My first "rifle" was a Daisy lever action like the Winchester John Wayne used to carry. No pump action here. One lever action, shoot one BB, repeat... LOL I killed a whole "species" of beer can and soda container with it back in the day though. I am pretty sure Adolph Coors had a price on my head :D

My first real rifle was a Mauser .22 caliber, single shot, bolt action training rifle that my Grandfather used in basic prior to his service in WWII. I used to shoot Tyro class matches with it and it always brought me good luck. Yep, I still have it to this day. It's a damn fine shooter for something that is twice as old as I am.


BillM 04-01-2008 02:08 PM

Stevens mdl. 87A. 22 cal. magazine fed semi-auto. Still have it. Got it
from an uncle when I was 7.


hillbilly68 04-01-2008 11:27 PM

As a lot of you I had a Marlin/ Glenfield Mod 60 .22. My Dad bought it for me from one of the "department" stores.
As an aside, it was stolen in 1988 while I was at school. My Dad called me 2 years ago and said "you aren't going to believe this, they found your rifle". The officer brought it back to him, no worse for wear. Had others stolen in the same event, but that was the only one recovered...and the only one I really was crushed about losing. IMO, a gun thief should meet with the same fate as a horse thief used to.

Dillinger 04-01-2008 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by hillbilly68 (Post 20553)
IMO, a gun thief should meet with the same fate as a horse thief used to.

Hear! Hear! I would vote for that on any platform.....

RONSERESURPLUS 04-02-2008 12:19 AM

First Gun I Ever Owned?
Hello all


My First gun, was a revolver, it was an Old Police Turn in S&W Model 10 38SPCL, back when Smith and Wesson was a rel player in the gun industry, this was followed by a Colt Police Positive, also in 38 SPCL! After I went into the Military My First handgun then was a New int he Box, Browning High power in 9MM, cost me a month of my pay and was worth every penny! Carried that pistol for years till was married and needed money for rent! Never should have sold that one! Hell, never should have sold hardly any of them? My First Rifle was an older Remington .200 Bolt action, don't recall the Model, it was a single shot, you had to load each shell too Short, longs and LR, it was a tack driver and was lost in a house fire back in 69!

tuck2 04-02-2008 01:26 AM

I was given a Remington Mdl 121 22 rimfire slide action rifle back in 1949. I traded off for a bolt action 22 target rifle some times later.

NateCJ5 04-02-2008 03:29 AM

First gun was an 870 20ga. Youth when I was 10. First rifle was a Mauser 98 8mm in full mil. trim(now built into a sporty 22-250). First and only handgun was a Thompson/Auto-Ordinace 1911 45acp.

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