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froggyjf 12-12-2009 04:23 PM

A few Remington 7400 questions.
Hey, I have a couple questions on the remington 7400.

First off I was wondering what twist rate the barrel was for a newer one with a 22" barrel. (I googled and found 1 in 10, but I'm not sure if it was right) I was also wondering with whatever twist rate it has what would be the best gr. to use,(for deer) I normally use 165, but I was shooting some 180 core lokts the other day and they seemed not to be grouping very well.

The "hard" question.

My dad has an old rem. 7400, probably an '80, he bought when he was 12. it has some sort of feeding problem. Its either something wrong with the barrel right at the begging and/or the bolt...I thank, its been awhile. anyway he had brought it to a smith, but it only temporarily fixed the problem. The next time he brought it to someone else, and they said that the guy before had, if I remember correctly, done something to the effect of bored out a part of the back of the barrel he said the guy probably did it to help it feed, but now when we shoot the gun the brass expands into the "slot" and gets stuck. not to mention the prior problems are still there. (if some of what I said "doesn't sound quite..."sensible" I could very well be wrong on exactly what happened, it was a while back) Basically the gun already has some problems, probably just from wear and tear, ect... shooting a bunch. and the second gun smith said to fix those parts they probably didn't make them any more.

My question is what to do now. could we have the back the barrel cut down or would it would depend on how much? is there any way to find the parts that would be needed to fix it.( I know u can't really tell me without knowing exactly what's wrong, but if you could point me in a good direction it would be help full.) If it would be possible to fix what would u expect it to cost, roughly? [we also have a rem. 742 .243 that was my grandfathers. I thank it has the same feeding/extracting problem. ect... if you know anything about that]

Thanks, Francis

stalkingbear 12-12-2009 05:36 PM

It would be hard to set the barrel back and rechamber due to the mounting lug and gas port hole in the barrel. I would say the barrel you got needs to be replaced. You'll have to find a replacement barrel.

I would hazard to guess most of your feeding problems could be solved by a new magazine or modifying your magazine feed lips. I wish I had a 100$ bill for every 742/7400 that I've gotten in for problems like that.

froggyjf 12-14-2009 04:24 AM

I talked to my dad, and he he said the problem with the 742 is that when you shoot it the bolt gets stuck forward. Would that be caused by the same thing?-the clip?

DaveP 12-18-2009 04:06 PM

742 are notorious for getting stuck id go with the 22l

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