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Clancy 05-18-2007 04:30 PM

Expanding SA for Higher Production/M1
This file shows us that Ordnance wants production up at SA. SA tells them that they would need to expand. Here is a list of the funds needed and what SA wants.
Now remember that WW 2 has started and we are not in it yet, but Ordnance is working hard to keep up.

Without input from you guys no one learns anything Try to put in some info/question and we can learn more of the M1's History.

Check out my sites if you have the time. Updates on M1 Ball/M2 Ball updated. TIA
Thanks again
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vicoman 05-24-2007 05:03 PM

Clancy. I really enjoy your posts!

Why the dedication to the M1? Any stories behind that?

Clancy 05-25-2007 03:34 PM

I started to study the M1 Garand back in 1971. Heard alot of stories about it at gun shows and gun shops. They were weird so I went to the main info data on the subject. The National Archives, SA and APG the Military Field. I have two books and a CD out about the M1 Garand. Now I am trying to get the real story about the M1 Garand out to te guys so they have the correct info.
Thanks again Sir

BLS33 05-27-2007 01:16 AM

Interesting stuff. Got to love the Garand, I sure do love mine.

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