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Rossignol 03-14-2010 12:10 AM

Enfield No. 4 for $150?
Talking to a guy today with a few rifles for sale.

He has an Enfield No. 4, reciever stamped "No.4 MK I (F) 1949. I'm guessing the "(F)" means it was made in the government factory, in Fazakerly?

At $150 it seems like a good buy. Any thoughts? Anyone have any experience with the Enfields, positive or negative? And how difficult is it to find the .303 ammo? If the ammo can be found, what manufacturers are making it?

Thanks in advance,


jpattersonnh 03-14-2010 12:25 AM

No4 Enfields are awesome. I thought all production had moved to No4mk2 by then. You really need to check the bore. Ammo is easy to find on the internet. For non-corrosive Prvi Partisan is hard to beat price and qaulity wise.
Edit: If it is a 1949, then it should be a No4mk2 as the mk1 production ceased in 1944.

CA357 03-14-2010 12:36 AM

$150. is a good price if it's in decent shape.

Rossignol 03-14-2010 12:39 AM

Alright, thanks, I'll ask the guy to double check the stamp, he is blind in one eye! lol!

jpattersonnh 03-14-2010 03:19 AM

It is a very good price if it is in good shape and matching. I've seen them go for $270.00 to 400.00 lately.

Rossignol 03-14-2010 03:40 AM

Cool, and thanks. Your info hasd led me to dig into some more research where I found this;

Enfield Rifles Page

about half way down the page, under the heading "Enfield No. 4", the middle of the paragraph explains the Mk 2 designation in 1949, and that they were made only in Fazakerley between 1949 and 1955.

So all that said, I think I'm gonna jump on it! :)

TXnorton 03-14-2010 10:54 AM

That price sounds good (maybe too good?). I paid $350 for a 1944 manufacture No4 Mk1 Longbranch (Canadian) in excellent condition last year.

Go here for information on stripping the Enfield

Good luck, and if you buy it (and if it is in good condition) you will love that rifle!

flyingbrickracing 03-14-2010 01:02 PM

It may be a Mk1 as the conversion did not start at Fazakerly untill mid year.
I have a No.4 Mk1 that was made in April of '49.

Rossignol 03-14-2010 02:30 PM

Hmmm... I havent been able to see it for myself, and he didnt give me the production date.

what I do know is because of being blind in his "shootin eye", he's parting with rifles he other wise wouldnt have and has held onto for 20 years longer than he has been able to use them. I'm hoping that explains the "too good to be true" price...

As soon as I know for sure, I'll post it up here!


flyingbrickracing 03-14-2010 03:06 PM

That's too bad for him,I'd take a stab at retraining to shoot with whatever good eye I had left before I threw in the towel.
His non shooting eye may have been poor already though.

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