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A Discussion about "Off The Shelf" Rifle Actions

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If you think the Savage F-TR team is going out on the life with a bone stock factory savage action that has not had machine work done to it you must be hanging out with Gello.....
Well that's what they claim to be doing. I'm not there following them around. According to Savage they are competing at F/TR level with rifles that are stock. I didn't say it. They did and they say it repeatedly. Plus I have heard others say the Savage actions don't need to be adjusted to perform at these levels. Savage says their F/TR rifles come "right out of the box". If you have evidence that they are altering those rifles I'd love to see it.

I didn't start this thread to defend Savage against the world. All I said was Savage was building one of the best "factory actions". I wish people would read that before they add what they think I said into their responses. But when it comes to believing a company that is building what I know to be an incredible action and a lot of other incredible stuff and I compare that to someone who apparently thinks they need to argue with each and every person on a board guess who I'm going to believe?

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Default savage .....

being a lefty ....i have never owner a bolt gun ..i shoot levers...marlin 336 t in 30-30, a browning blr 30-06..and a pump rem 7600 .308 . but the next rifle on my list will be a savage 10flcp-k .308 ..its got what i want ,just add scope/mounts and bipod,and a karstens cheekpiece ..good to go . the savage shooting 5 different brands of 150 grn ammo .match and hunting types were evaluated. the deviation was almost non-existant ....that sold me
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Last point I will make.

The Savage target action is not an off the shelf action. It is not an action they stock to build every savage M12 rifle. This is in the same line of Remington 40-x action.

Weather they do more machine work at the factory or at a smith shop it has more and better machining than a pure factory action.

Many people are buying these rifles to shoot the factory class against Remington 700, HOWA, and others. It has caused a bit of animosity in some shooting circles.

If these guys from the savage shooting team took a 308 caliber savage varmint rifle and paid for it and bought it from a gun store mounted a nightforce on it and would go out and win at the major F/TR level then I would be impressed.

We are just going around in circles.

I priced a build and showed your not going to save much money if you want to build a rifle by using a savage action over a custom action.

Check the results pages. In the 5 results I looked at I seen one savage and 1 remington.
International Benchrest Shooters

I also think you are missing some info about F-Class shooting.

F/TR is limited to factory actions and 308 caliber.


Caliber limited to .223 or .308 (unmodified).
Sling and/or bipod allowed.
Rifle weight limit of 8.25 kgs (approx. 18.18 lbs).

F-Open is a shoot what you bring wide open free for all. Now When Savage starts winning at that level i will be really impressed.

Caliber limit of .35 and under.
Rifle weight of 10 kgs (approx. 22 lbs.).
Adjustable front rest allowed.
Rear bag allowed.
Rail guns not allowed.
3" wide forend.
Rifle must be shouldered when fired.
Tables are prohibited.

But hey we all know THE KING has spoken.
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Default actions ....

are the dakota's and a-squares beefed up mauser type actions? or they just a copy? not that familiar with bolt guns, being a lefty my options are limited . would love a custom rifle ...out of my price range
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No need to read this crap

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A Discussion about "Off The Shelf" Rifle Actions - General Rifle Discussion
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Originally Posted by CA357 View Post
The King has left the building.
That's classic ... banned, back for 1 post, banned again. ROFL
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Man, I know Savage has a loyal following, but that was over the top. Makes me want to buy anything but a Savage. In fact, that is one reason I bought a CZ527 Varminter instead of the Savage 25 a few years ago, and the fact the CZ was the better rifle IMHO, not to mention almost $100.00 cheaper at the time. There are too many good options out there to state one is the best over everything else.
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