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newbe04 03-26-2010 09:06 AM

decisions, decisions
Hi, new Guy here. I am from Everett wa. And looking to geting my first ever gun and hunting rifle. I have narrowed it down to 2 that I like. Both are 30-06,both bolt action and both are on consignment. Both to me have +/- that I will point out.

1) husquvarna high power.
+) lighter, very smooth natural action, comes with a soft case and a box of ammo. And from what I have read is the action is based off of the moser (sp?) 96 and the "high power" was there near top o line. Also the stock is in a little bit better shape. Gun shop Guy recommended it.
-) only 4x fixed scope ($$?), $325, the safety is very hard and awkward to use and because of it the scope needs to be set up higher (harder to see out of?) . Trigger doesn't seem quite comfortable but with that said, I don't have much experience with guns so I might end up liking

2) remmington 1917
+) $260, action also very nice and precise it kinda pops out on its own when you open the action. Much better scope, variable to 8x. Safety is much smoother and natural to me, trigger is more natural.
-) stock is more used, the bolt lever seems really close to my hand(good,bad??). And it is much heaver, if I had to guess....a better part of a pound or two? I would have to get a case, ammo.

Well their ya have it. These are the best guns I ve come across in my price range. So what ya think?

jpattersonnh 03-26-2010 10:52 AM

You should swing by the introduction thread and tell us about yourself.

Now to the rifles.
Husqvarna never made a rifle called the "High power". 30.06 rifles were 640, built on FN 1947 large ring 98 receivers, 1947...1964. 1600, a small ring 98 action 1957..1972, 1900, small ring 98 action, company was known as HVA(Carl Gustaf purchased from Husqvarna). With the safety as you describe it is a 640. It should look like this.
Excellent rifle and would normally sell for $650.00+ depending on condition.

The 1917 is a sportered Military rifle. Great action, but the rifle as a whole will be heavier than the Swede. A variable powered scope may not always be "better".

You should consider whichever one fits you best. Just make sure the bore is good.

newbe04 03-26-2010 03:54 PM

Great info:) I think the only minor difference is the front sight has a "hoop" around it. so what are something general rules/things you look for when you are looking at used guns? How do I know the bore is in good shape?

jpattersonnh 03-26-2010 06:00 PM

A quick check is to take a .308 bullet (cartridge) and insert it into the bore. If the rifle swallows the bullet up to the brass, it is shot out or has excessive muzzle wear. The Loop on the front sight is a sight hood. It is usually not found on commercial Swede's. But the front sights on all of mine have a groove for it.

Here are a couple links:
Buying A Used Rifle
This auction shows the bullet test. ask the shop to borrow a .308 bullet.
Enfield Lithgow 1942 Overall Exc Bore Minty! : Curios and Relics at

kiabe1 01-13-2013 05:03 AM

might also check out the winchester model 70 a cz550 and a mauser in 30.06 i've handled and owned all three my favorite of the three being the model 70 with the mauser coming in at a close second due to the fact that the mausers bolt is rugged but extremely smooth. but if its a choice between those two and only those two i'd go with the husquvarna due to the smoothness of the action. but when dealing with hunting guns i suggest going with whichever gun gives off the least amount of noise when the action is cycled slowly.

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