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Underdog 09-18-2010 09:46 PM

CZ 527 Carbine 7.62x39
Anyone have one of these? I bought one about 3 months ago and have been very pleased with it's performance. I've always shot it with the iron sights and it has been very accurate. But recently I mounted a nikon 2-7X32 scope, and was really surprised at how well it really shoots. Most of my shooting is at 100-150 yards at bowling pins and water jugs, this little carbine handles this with ease. I just need to get a nice sling and get it mounted up and she will be complete.

R-BOLT 09-20-2010 02:09 PM

I have one also, and would never part with it. I put a similar scope on mine in the Burris line, and took the front sight hood off. I do not get to shoot it as much as I would like, as I see young shooters at the range, I like to set them up with that slick little carbine. It is light, easy to handle, super accurate, set trigger, and very low recoil. Ladies and young shooters love to operate it. Horrors of horrors - I run cheap ammo thru it and still print good groups with it at 100 yards. the main reason I purchased it is I am sitting on a fair amount of rounds, if my 7mm's get to expensive to hunt with, I have a nice back up rifle with plenty of cheap ammo. Just wish it was not so damn pretty, it would catch a lot more rides in my pick up.

Underdog 09-26-2010 10:31 PM

The only complaint I had with mine was the trigger was a little heavy and a bit of play. The set trigger was fine, just the regular trigger needed smoothing. Took it apart and found 3 adjustment screws on the trigger, 15 minutes later I had one sweet, light, crisp trigger. Much improved and makes a big difference.

M14sRock 09-28-2010 02:02 AM

I have one and love it. Currently it is open sights, but I have had a Leupold 1-4 on it.

Barnes now makes .311 TSX's and it will be a great 200 yard deer rifle.

Mine shoots about 3" groups with milsurp, but turns in about an inch with good commercial ammo. I'll work up some TSX loads soon.

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