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TLuker 02-05-2012 03:44 AM

The Closest Iíll Ever Get to an M24
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I just finished setting up my Remington 5R and this is it, or at least its set-up enough to finally shoot.
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Itís the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Remington 5R .308 and has the same stainless mil spec barrel of the M24 (24Ē with a 1:11.2 rate of twist and 5 groves). Interesting thing about the twist is that 1:11.2 was determined at some point to be the perfect rate of twist for the 178 gr M118 ammo. So the barrel was actually built around the ammo. Everyone else changed the ammo to fit the barrel. The standard rate of twist for a .308 is 1:12 and the perfect weight bullet for that twist turned out to be 168 gr.

For anyone interested in an M24, the 5R is the most affordable alternative I could find. It doesnít have the mounts for the quick detach Redfield Palma backup sights, but they can be added and I hope to at some point in the future. It also doesnít have the same HS precision stock as the M24 but it can be added as well. It just happens to cost over $500 and I canít see it being that much better than this HS Precision stock (the picture doesnít do this stock justice-it has really cool green spider webbing in the black). There are also differences in the action. Iím pretty sure the M24 is a long action and this is a short action, which I prefer over the long action anyway. (I think the long action was chosen by the Army in case the Army wanted to change the rifle to a 300mag?). The M24 is also painted black, but I just canít bring myself to do that to a new gun. And of course the most important thing is how it shoots compared to the M24 and I wonít know that until tomorrow. :)

Minionsram 02-05-2012 04:35 AM

Read this the other day while on CQ to stay awake. I think you will enjoy this article.

TLuker 02-05-2012 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by Minionsram (Post 699896)
Read this the other day while on CQ to stay awake. I think you will enjoy this article.

Thanks for the link. You were right, I did enjoy that.

BlueTurf 02-05-2012 03:47 PM

You have a very nice rifle. You are certainly not lacking in the rifle department. I think what you have to work with will do just fine.

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