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Steelersfan 06-04-2010 06:27 PM

Changing Stocks?
Found a good load for my .270 Win. Howa 1500. Got the trigger adjusted where I want it. Now I would like to change the stock.

I am wondering if anyone has used either: a

"Hogue OverMolded Stock Full Bed Rubber" or a

"Bell and Carlson Medalist Stock with Aluminum Bedding System"?

Experiences pros cons added accuracy? Difference in the bedding?

They both seem to be close in price just looking for some input on these stocks?


a7mmnut 06-04-2010 06:42 PM

I've put the pillar model Hogue on my Remington 700. I still like to glass it in, but it fits like a glove, and the rubber texture took away a huge amount of vibration from the big .300. 5 stars all the way. The only thing I would say is that it is styled along the lines of a bench gun: wide and flat forend and a straight angle on the thick pistol grip. Some folks won't like this on a light "mountain rifle". -7-

Steelersfan 06-05-2010 01:20 AM

Looks like both would be good stocks, I am looking to get a stock that would not need glass bedded. That Is when I am looking at the B&C Medalist. Looks like there is some sort of special Aluminum Block bedding that will help make the gun more accurate.

The Hogue looks to have a rubber bedding that would help accuracy as well. What to do??

stalkingbear 06-05-2010 02:08 AM

You can also get the Hogue with the full length bedding block for some models. Check to see if you can get it for your Howa.

ronl 06-05-2010 02:27 AM

I put my Remy 700 .308 in one of the B&C Medalist A3 stocks. For the money($217 from Stocky's stocks) it is very hard to beat. The aluminum bedding block negates the need for bedding. Very rigid and the decelerator recoil pad on it works wonderfully. The palm swell is not as beefy as the HS Precision stocks, which I like. I got mine in the green/ black web color. I would definitely pick this stock over the Hogue, Choate, or even HS Precision stocks. I think this is one where you get your money's worth and a little more.

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