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bufanator 12-15-2010 03:39 AM

Browning A-bolt Hunter 7mm Question
I purchased a Browning A-bolt Hunter 25th Anniversary Rem 7mm last month and the gun has been great...though having an issue keeping scratches off my stock and forearm.

The swivel my sling is connected to has scratched the stock all up and have numerous scratches on my butt. It is driving me crazy because I do not know what even caused the scratches on my butt...just had it on the backseat while headed to the camp.

Is the stock wood? If so, why is it so white underneath? I have shot a Browning BAR 300WSM for the past 7 years and has the normal wear and tear that comes with hunting but the scratches are minimal and not noticeable. What is the difference?

I know this is a generic question but I cannot find exact information on the wood used for the this gun, replacement parts, and color of the wood...just says satin finish. I am hoping someone would know and offer suggestions on repairing the scratches...possibly an fyi to prevent them.


powg 12-16-2010 05:14 AM

beautiful browning
i feel your pain blr 30-06 seems to get scratched ,just riding in my truck ...i think the white you see is just the clear coat ....just like on a car might try very very fine steel wool like 0000.and lightly buff the scratch only ...or find a very wise furniture re -finisher ...the old timers (retired guys) always have some well kept secret that will fix it ..get it back in shape ..then replace the wood with syn ...hunting clothes as it were ,save the tux and tails to put on when you retire the gun or when you pass it down to someone you love ...just my $.02

powg 12-16-2010 05:17 AM

just noticed that your from monroe just west of you in carthage tx ...

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