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Bolt action or Sport Utility Rifle: WHICH TO BUY??

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Originally Posted by metal408 View Post
Please excuse my French. The one thing that appeals to me most about a bolt action platform over a semi auto is the idea of having to calculate and plan and get into that shot; really be a part of the rifle. But the other thing is, the price of ammo..I do love shooting my .40 but when it's time to anti up at the range I really sort of wish I bought the 9mm if you feel what I'm sayin'
then if you are more drawn to a bolt action, then that's probably what you need to look for. sounds to me it's going to more of a range rifle than a hunting rifle. first decide how much you want to spend and what caliber. a good caliber in bolt action is the 308 or the 30-06. very ample selection of factory ammo for those two cartridges and some can be very, very accurate.

some good suggestions on rifles, would be the Remington M700, the Ruger M77, the Winchester M70, the Marlin XL7 or XS7, the Savage bolt actions, the Howa 1500 and many others.

there are other calibers that you could choose that would serve your needs for a target rifle, but some would be cost prohibitive to shoot quite a bit, unless you take up reloading.
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Originally Posted by metal408 View Post
So I've been looking into getting a rifle as my next fire arm purchase. Then question I have is what kind of rifle to get. I know it all depends on what you're going to do and use it for. A buddy keeps nudging me towards an AR or M1A type of rifle .223 says I can scope the m1 for the distance shooting if I want and it'd be a fun mid range weapon as well. I was leaning towards a bolt action .308/ 30-06 I've always dreamed of hearing that loud satisfying ping while being prone a couple 100 yards away if you know what I mean. So I decided to ask you guys. I already have myself an SR40 and mossberg 500 so I'm looking for an nice addition. If I I'd go assault rifle I'd probably like an m1a socom, bolt action mossberg atr 100 night train. Any input greatly appreciated!
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For 1/2 the price of an M1A you can get a Service grade M1 Garand from the CMP. Lots of ammo available and no evil features to upset the California powers that be. Plus you will have a piece of history to hand down.
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I would go with a .223 bolt action rifle. This will be a pleasure to shoot at the range all day and reach out several hundred yards. Ammo is cheap too. Take a look at the Marlin X7 line.
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Personally I would get a great bolt action.
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This question is a bit like ATV or dirt bike. To me they both bring their own levels of total fun and even though they both get me from A to B accross most of the same terrain there is distinct uses for each that the other can not accomplish. Semis are fun because you can run shots off like its going out of style. Bolt actions make you challenge your self to absolute precision and give you the feeling of "playing a sniper" so to speak. If it were me, I would get one of each in .22lr... Not adequate for any large game but super cost effective at the target range, easy on your shoulder, and in most cases I don't even feel the need to wear ear protection. If you really want a centerfire option there are a ton of them out there. Old milsurp weapons may be cheap enough for you to buy one of each... Given that you are in Kali, there are many limits to ownership of modern tactical type rifles anyway. Maybe you pick up an SKS and a Mosin, Arisaka, Enfield, K98, or any number of other bolt action rifles and you then have the option for either one (or both!) on range day. I personally really enjoy shooting my Norinco SKS more than any other gun I own and the ammo is reasonably cheap. Even if you bought a couple of these types of weapons, you may still have a good amount of money left over to feed them!
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Get one of the original bolt action military rifles...notice I didn't say assault rifle...a Mosin Nagant 91/30. Best $130.00 you'll ever spend while keeping your clothes on and the ammo is dirt cheap at about $90 per 440 rounds.
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If you are planning on using for hunting like deer? Since it is going to evidently be your first high power and you mentioned shooting some distance with it, as much as I like the M1-A Rifles and AR Rifles. I would probably recommend a good bolt rifle in 308. They are not expensive but you need to buy a good quality scope for whatever you buy. So something like a Savage 110 Tactical, Remington 700 PSS Rifle in 308 would be good for application of precision shooting and hunting capabilities. Obviously the 5.56/223 is more reasonable on ammunition cost but a little limited on hunting especially medium sized game. The ARs are great for fun and are very accurate! Not a bad choice just limited for certain uses.

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Damn, thanks everybody for all the great info and insight. Really bringing to light a lot of good points that i couldnt account for with my limited knowledge so I really appreciate it. I'm starting to lean towards a .223 bolt action but if so, what kind of game would this particular rifle be suitable for? If not the .223 then the .308 but certainly a bolt action for the next purchase!
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I'd save up for a nice AR, then use the money to leave California.

If you have to stay, get a bolt gun. Kommiefornia sporterized guns are a travesty to humanity in itself.
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