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ron12301 08-30-2010 10:27 PM

bolt action .223
Well I need some more of everyone's good advice. I wouldn't mind adding a bolt action .223 to my safe. I've looked at several rifles, a Remington SPS, a Howa 1500, a few savages etc.. I also looked at a Stevens model 200. As a rule I don't like plastic stocks and prefer either wood or Hogue. But if I bought the stevens $300 and chucked the stock, then bought a replacement from boyds for $100, what would be involved in changing stocks? I am thinking that for around $400 I could have a pretty decent rifle. Could this be false economy ? If I did this, might I run into things that it would take a gunsmith to straighten out ? If I am going to wind up at a gunsmiths shop it would negate any savings I should think. So what do you all say, Stevens and a new stock or spend a few hundred more and get something in wood or Hogue. Thanks again (in advance) for indulging me, Ron...

crockett007 08-30-2010 11:58 PM

I recently bought a Win M70 at a gun show. Used rifle, decent condition - 7mm mag. It had the tupperware factory stock. I ordered a Boyds laminated stock, and replaced the scope with a Nikon Prostaff. What a difference! The Nutmeg Boyds laminated stock is beautiful and the change was a "drop in" operation. I ordered the stock from

I would say go for it! The Boyds stocks are still on sale for $99!

cpttango30 09-04-2010 09:12 AM

I myself would quickly narrow it down to the savage or the Howa.

I have a remmy and love it but feel the current crop of 700s are not what they used to be.

jeepcreep927 09-04-2010 09:53 AM

If you actually want to tinker on things, then go with the Stevens. If you take that route, measure the screw spacing of your action (I think there have been three changes in the past few years. this applies to Savage actions as well. Same manufacturer) and verify the feed type- staggered or center feed. Earlier models were staggered newer models have a "center feed" magazine where the mag box is contained in the stock itself.

Tango is right on about some of the latest incarnations of the 700. Might be hit or miss.

For over all economic sense with a minimal amount of screwing around swapping this and changing that, a Savage 10 in whatever dress you prefer is going to be hard to beat.
Good luck.

ron12301 09-04-2010 10:28 AM

Well folks, after some thought and taking in all the good advice I've received, I think I will order a Savage 25LV in .223. I love my older remys, but I am a little shy about newer rems. with all the comments I've heard and knowing what I know about cerberus, I believe the negativity. As far as the Stevens goes my wife hit the roof when she found out it had a plastic stock. She hates plastic stuff. So that ends that. Howa, I am sure makes a good rifle, but it's that plastic thing.... Thanks to all for helping me with this. Ron...

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