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Best SHTF rifle to buy

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Originally Posted by freefall View Post
A lot of things can go on while you're waiting for Armageddon.
Like the rest of your life?
Freedom is not free. The best of us always leave too soon.
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I agree with alot of what was said in this thread as for as most of the time you would probaly be in a CQB situation the one thing I would realy consider though is useing a rifle that takes standard ammo that you are going to beable to get just about anywhere in a shtf situation. Like the AR
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Now we are getting somewhere. Sorry for the delay, been nusy as a cat covering crap on a marble floor lately. Working and reloading ammo, dehydrating and storing massive amounts of stuff from my garden, finishing an experiment with dehydrating eggs that has worked out well. Got the chickens and the eggs, needed a way to save them for 'The Time' should it ever arrive. Now, back on context. Mossi....what we called a Mossberg 500 in tactical garb back in the day when I was touting a Ranger tab on those old fashioned BDU's and fatigues.

Mosin the words of a prominent figure as of late, "Gives me a chill up my leg". Got several, long guns and shorties, with gobs of that cheap ammo. More than I care to think of carrying around. Probably have a half a mil rounds of the sardine canned fun blasters. Got it all on sale over the years. I keep them for late comers to our outfit in the SHTF scenario. They are idiot proof. Can't break them. Accurate in any Minute Of Bad Guy situation and pack a hellluva wallop at any range. If you can see it and are good enough to hit it, you can kill it or put it out of action. I paid like 20 bucks for my first one back in '74.

A Vietnam 'bringback' that had been maintained maticulously by the sniper that packed it around the hills. It even had the original scope mounted. Still there. It puts 10 rounds of my handloaded projectiles into a 6 inch group at 300 yards every time without fail. Practice can make it a fast, sure weapon of choice in any situation where simplicity is needed.

J&G Sales has them for 79 bucks. Arsenal refinished and ready to bang. Comes to about a hundred bucks dropped at your dealer for a round receiver model.

I personally utilize an M1A and an AR-15 system. The M1A in National Match set-up complete with rail and several sighting options from ACOG with magnifiers, and a Generation 4 Night Vision set up. My tactical rifle case that contains the AR system has three complete upper assemblies. An M4 Flat Top with folding front and rear sights and a mounted Reflex sight in 5.56. A 7.62x39 in M4 garb, and a sniping system chambered in 6.5 Grendel that pops right on. These weapons and Lots and lots of ammo I reload and stash in five separate locales in a 20 miles radius from my home. Secured and well hidden.

My bedside is equipped with a comprehensive ALICE pack BOB. Tactical vest with AK mags, and yes, an AK sitting right next to it. The AK is the absolute finest Run and Gun rifle available. You can literally field strip it and replace a spring or firing pin while on the move or in a defensive based scenario. An Ed Brown 1911 is in the holster hanging on the vest chest. Homemade smoke grenades with pull ring fuses rest in the side pouches. I can make them for a couple bucks each and they are fool proof and work like a charm. Finally, the last item of armament is the Winchester Model of 1897 in Trench garb slipped into the MOLLE scabbard on the pack. The ultimate in Slam Fire pleasure. Alone and facing a tight knit grouping of enemy? Grab it, hold back the trigger and enjoy the solid feel of 00 Buckshot sliding down the barrel to properly welcome the invaders in OldSkool WWII Trench Warfare style

I always try to stay mobile in any tactical situation. Refusing to stay and defend a location against an enemy with superior numbers. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Spread out your resources and be ready to abandon your home if necessary.

The best SHTF weapon? Well, in my opinion...hands down, the AK 47 with a MOLLE vest full of mags filled with proven ammo. Properly sighted in with a reflex sight, and backed up with well sighted in iron battle sights. Plenty of short to midrange ballistic stopping power, Cheap ammo and mags. Light weight and simple beyond all belief and reason. Relatively accurate in the Minute Of Bad Guy context. Leave the full auto crap out of the eqation. Burns ammo way too fast with an exponentially decreased hit factor per round expended. I had bought a dozen of the early arrived parts kits that we could snatch up a few years back for less than a hundred bucks each. They were in awesome condition. Pristine bores and all small parts, I bent and heat treated my own receivers and put them together myself. My people are outfitted with them. I kept the pick of the litter for myself and tweaked and tuned it to perfection in my eyes.

The weapon itself is pleasantly affordable, around 500 bucks, with a couple of dealers on Gun Broker offering a solid layaway program which puts one in anybodys hands. Ammo is still cheap, while it lasts, from Centerfire Systems, dropped on your porch for $199 a thousand. Less than 200 bucks for Yugo battle rounds. Corrosive priming of course for that great shelf life, but easy to clean with hot water and that good ol' LSA you get by the quart from SARCO Inc. on the cheap. Already got out the debit card and sent off for 10 cases of the ammo and another case of the LSA in quart cans. Will be here in the morning...yayyy.

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There is no one SHTF weapon. There are too many scenarios. Fill the niches and choose the right one. I have a Remy 700 .308 with a Vortex Viper, NM M1A with a Super Sniper, 20" HBAR Armalite AR with a Vortex Crossfire, EOtech equipped Robinson Armament XCR, Romy AK, Mossy 590, and a Sig 229. Each of these weapons has its strong and weak points. No one weapon will work for every situation. I think the best compromise would be the 20" AR.
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Default Best SHTF Rifle

As others have stated there really isn't any single best rifle. I think you'd be safe with an SKS for a starter though. Simple, accurate enough, and if the need dictates you can convert them to high capacity magazines. It depends more on your personnal experience with the rifle, than what your carrying. I'll take someone like Simo Hayha with a Mosin over an inexperienced shooter with a SCAR H. That's a big swing, but shooter>rifle. The tool is only as good as the hands that are using it.
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Its a tough question because of the unknowns about your situation. Whats the set up in terms of your location. If you live in an area like a desert or Kansas, you need the ability to reach way way out. If you are in the woods and mountains like I am, you could get away with a British SMLE Enfield 303 and spend a $100.00 doing it. In reality, the best gun is the one that you can work and work well. Hooah?
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