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Best Home Defense Rifle

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Whatever you are best trained with.

For me, it's the AR15.
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A shotgun is a good choice, I have one loaded up with buckshot myself. One thing that caught my eye on this thread was several people refering to the sound of the action being racked as a deterrent to a BG. My question is, why wasn't a round already chambered? If you are within ear shot of a BG and you are just then getting your weapon ready for action, you are behind the curve of the OODA Loop. If you think racking the slide to scare the BG is a good thing, maybe you need to revisit your tactics, or rather your lack of tactics.
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IF like matt you live out in the middle of nowhere then an 16" barreled ar will work wonders. Place a magpul carmine stock on it and you have a compact yet powerful HD rifle that when loaded with the proper ammo can defend your house from 2 legged and 4 legged predators.
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I doubt my BG would/could hear the action being racked.....immediately prior to that point, they have already crossed the line and negotiations have ended.

In other words, I keep mine loaded.
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Nice. First, it is a "best" thread.

Second, the op posted in 2007.

Can we be sure to dredege the river for more?
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This is an old topic, but anyway...
A shotgun is a great home defense gun.
But, in respects to the OP, technically a shotgun is not a rifle.
So I'll vote for an M4A3.
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Originally Posted by RMTactical View Post
Whatever you are best trained with.
For me, it's the AR15.

I'm mostly a pistolero, so a .45 acp is my primary go-to home defense arm. Several tests and demonstrations have shown that a 5.56 (.223) will penetrate less than most service handgun calibers. I know, it defies logic, but it is what it is. These links show some test results; d=26

"The FBI study clearly demonstrates the following: (1) that .223 rounds on average, penetrate less human tissue at close range than the hollow point pistol rounds evaluated, (2) concern for over-penetration of the .223 round, at close range, has been greatly exaggerated, (3) with the exception of soft ballistic garment penetration. the .223 round appears to be relatively safer for employment in CQB events than this hollow point pistol bullets tested."

"A study carried out by the FBI found that the .223 Remington (.223 cal) from a rifle had a smaller chance of overpenetration than the 9 mm Luger (.354 cal) handgun round."

Stopping power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Other interesting reading;

FBI Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness -'t%20Know%20Hurt%20Us.pdf

While nothing can compare with the devastation of a round of 12 ga. shot for taking down bad guys, there are limitations. At across the bedroom, or down the hallway distances, most shot sizes should work well. Over longer ranges where the shot begins to spread, there could be problems. "Every pellet has a lawyer attached to it."
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Close your eyes for just a moment and picture this. A black steel tube about 19" long and nearly an inch in diameter...such a big opening you can almost see to the other end which just happens to have a shell about the size of a roll of nickels in it. Now imagine that at the slight rearward movement of a forefinger a hellstorm of 12-15 hot lead balls are unleashed with 1 mission on their mind...and they like to work as a team! Did I mention that just the sound of a 12ga pump being racked is one of the most recognizable sounds we know!

Go with a shotgun sir!
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Originally Posted by Skeletor View Post
What would be the best home defense rifle to get?
A short barrel AR loaded with suitable ammo (TAP is good one that is available to folks outside of LE) is tough to beat. My other sugestion would be an AR or other type of carbine (like the Ruger PC series) in a handgun caliber. I have an RRA AR pistol in 9mm that puts 32 rounds of 9mm in your hands and if you become competent with it it is VERY effective well beyong normal SD range. Loaded with TAP ammo it is a formidable HD weapon that will not make your ears explode when fired indoors without hearing protection (anyone that has let an AR or shotgun rip inside a room knows what I'm talking about). As a matter of fact I will be putting a can on that one and paying the ATF boys to make it a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) dedicated HD gun.
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If you want to be practical. A shotgun is the best all around home defense long gun. I'm sure it's a tiny bit more economical than all that AR handgun round shootin' junk. Just a hunch though.
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