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Blackbeard1718 12-23-2012 05:40 PM

AR-15 Sells for $2,300 & Ammo Sells for $700!!!
WOW! I just read that, at the Live Oak Gun Show (San Antonio area...) yesterday, the AR-15 was the most sought after Gun to purchase (Big Surprise!).

The last one available For Sale, was Sold at 11:30 for $2,300. Not sure of the Brand or Model (Wasn't listed in the paper...), but the Buyer said that a month ago, he could have purchased it for $1,000. He didn"t hesitate to pay the additional $1,300 Asking Price.

223 Ammo which normally sold for $300 a Box, was selling for $700, and folks were buying them by the Arm Loads, making several trips to their Cars & Trucks to buy more.


Glad I bought my RRA LAR-15 TAC OP 2 last year!



ScottA 12-23-2012 05:43 PM

The free market... it just makes me smile.

locutus 12-23-2012 07:53 PM

If someone is dumb enough to pay those prices, I really can't criticise the sellers for gouging them.

Maybe a few dumbasses will finally learn to plan ahead.

Alpha1Victor 12-24-2012 11:48 PM

Well lets pretend that the AWB does get passed. Would it be too crazy to assume people would sell these for upwards of $10k?

powderkeg 12-25-2012 12:07 AM

If a ban does get passed could u sell ban items legaly

bluez 12-25-2012 12:08 AM

I bought a Daniel Defense DDM4V5, 48 hours after the shooting for 1400 from a dealer who was honoring his pre shooting prices....

bluez 12-25-2012 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Alpha1Victor (Post 1064862)
Well lets pretend that the AWB does get passed. Would it be too crazy to assume people would sell these for upwards of $10k?

If a AWB gets passed and we have the "pre-ban" rifle silliness again , I can see premium type AR's NIB "pre-ban" serials approach that number.

But it will be a rare event involving a well-off buyer who wants what he wants <now>.

there are enough AR's out there, that even with a ban the normal transaction for a non premium, not NIB AR will not go much above 2k IMO.

Simply too many people with AR's in this country who will have to sell for one reaoson or another at some point.

John_Deer 12-25-2012 12:15 AM

I might consider selling my dust catchers. I dunno what a DPMS will bring but I might find out. What is funny is even if they pass an AWB chances are you will be able to buy the same guns with a 10 shot magazine and a sporterized stock.

Sniper03 12-25-2012 12:19 AM

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That is the name of the game now! All of those that procrastinated up until now are almost the same as out of luck.
The prices of the ones available are from $1200 to around $1600+ at the present even for a standard model. One reason is there are few left out there for sale. And the main reason for the higher prices is that if the dealers order replacement rifles today it will be close to a year before they will receive them to replace their inventory. And that is if they ever can due to the chances of Obama and company going to screw the weapon system up again in the name of public safety! BS!
Which anything they do will be as effective as 1194-2004 = ZERO! Only and infringement of our Constitutional Rights. But be prepared in the years to come if we do not stand up! Here is a hint of the future! And here is our answer!

huffmanite 12-25-2012 04:46 AM

As usual, I spent past Sunday morning at range shooting. One of our regulars there told me he'd received a phone call from a brother-in-law who'd attended a gun show outside of Houston on Saturday. He'd seen AR 15/16 30rd magazines being sold for over $200 each at the show. LOL, now that is just ridiculous.

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