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Samhain 09-04-2008 10:47 PM

AR-15 problem or is it?
While stripping down my AR-15, when I separated the lower and upper, a very large spring from the lower, inside the butt flew out.
Is this going to be a problem? how do I get this spring to stay in the handle?

waiting for JD the AR expert................

Dillinger 09-04-2008 11:24 PM

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LOL - First off, I am NO expert... I am just a guy who has worked on more than a few and knows some of the inner workings. For an expert, talk to Dave Lauck of Masood Ayoob....

The spring that popped out is your Buffer Spring. There is a Recoil Buffer Detent Pin & Spring that goes into the Lower receiver. ( See Pic )

Your stock threads in to cover just the bottom lip of the Detent, keeping it from springing out, but the Pin portion sticks up to hold the Recoil Buffer and the Recoil Buffer Spring in place.

What I assumed happened is that the Recoil Buffer, which has multiple flat sides, caught a flat side on the top of the Detent, and came out. If you slide it back in, and make sure a round side of the Buffer is on the Detent, it should stay all day long.

If it does not, I would recommend checking your stock and making sure it isn't threaded too far in, making the Detent incapable of doing it's job. If that is sound, I would recommend getting a new Pin and Spring. It's probably only the Spring that isn't strong enough, or is worn out, but they come in a kit for like a buck and a half...

Give that a try and see if that fixes the problem...


PS - If it's just a flat spot that caught and that is why it came out, this is not a problem. If you need a new spring, it's less than $2 plus shipping to fix. This is not a big deal, you definitely don't have a defective AR or anything to seriously worry about.. :D

Samhain 09-04-2008 11:36 PM

Thank you JD looks like the Recoil Buffer Detent Pin & Spring broke, that little pin that sticks up looks a hell of a lot shorter then the one in your pic. and does not come close to holding the Recoil Buffer Spring in place.
I'll plan a trip to the local shop tomorrow.

Dillinger 09-04-2008 11:38 PM

Well. There you have it. It shouldn't cost you much more at sporting goods store or gun shop, but it will be more than Brownell's or MidwayUSA. The good news is, this is an easy replacement that you can do on your own in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Shoot me a PM if you have any trouble, but I am betting that you can handle it....


robocop10mm 09-05-2008 01:14 PM

To replace the detent you have to remove the butt stock and loosen the buffer tube. Push down the detent and screw the buffer tube in until it catches and retains the detent but still allows it to move freely.

When re installing the butt stock, insure you do not bend or bind the take down detent spring (it is easy to do if not careful).

If you have a carbine with collapsable stockyou will need a special tool to remove the castle nut that retains the buffer tube. Be sure you re-stake the castle nut afterwards to insure it does not loosen up.

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