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00possum 07-19-2012 03:47 AM

Anyone ever split a bullet?
Me and my buddy cotton went camping and we had my 22 mag and found a real big knife out there. Well he sets it up and puts cans on both sides of it. He gives it a shot and hits the side of the blade, my turn. I take one shot, and split the bullet. Now he tries again and fails. Well I try to shoot a water bottle behind the knife by about 20'. I MISS!!!! Well then he hits it and we're both baffled. This is free hand shooting, but the knife was only 20 yards away. How about y'all?

vincent 07-19-2012 03:51 AM

Yeah...I remember my first beer...

rhyno13 07-19-2012 03:59 AM

I call bulls@*t

The_Kid 07-19-2012 05:15 AM

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