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jdex851 05-30-2012 11:14 PM

Any way to justify adding a laser light combo to my riifle?
Debating adding a laser/light combo over my scope. It seems like it would be relatively cheap addition.

Chandler51 05-30-2012 11:18 PM

I would advise to get a cheap one first, to be sure it's for you. Some people swear by them, but I can't seem to make it work for me. I don't know why. It's not the gun or the laser, it's me. Since its a Crimson trace set on one of my 1911's, it cost me over $300 to find out I don't like the laser. :(

Chainfire 05-31-2012 12:21 AM

The truth of the matter is, most people would be better served to by buying lots ammo and shooting it often, with iron sights, then to invest in lights, lazers, scopes etc. Electronics and scopes certainly serve a purpose, but iron sights will never have a flat battery or a broken lens when you need them the most.

7.62 Man 05-31-2012 10:01 PM

Chainfire is right, a lot of shooters will dump loads of cash into a new fangled gadget to help them shoot better.
When the only real help they need is practice. Get out there & dump some ammo through your gun & get to know it again.
The only rifle I would put a laser/light combo on is a shotgun or a pistol cal. rifle used for home defense.;)

TheOldMan 05-31-2012 10:19 PM

Not sure about the rest of you but my eyes are not what they used to be so I need the aid of a good scope to help me out ..

SSGN_Doc 05-31-2012 10:38 PM

I don't like lasers. If you think about it they can really only be sighted in for one distance, or maybe two if you get it over or under the bore exactly center. Lasers shoot a straight beam and your bullet trajectory is an arc, so teh bullet is only right on at the moment of distance that the bullet crosses the path.

Lasers work are bright and visible, so you have to ask what you are using it for. It can alert game that is not color blind. It can alert a bad guy to your location by drawind a straight line back to you. Most inexpensive lasers are not really well made and don't tend to hold zero well or stand up to abuse.

The best place I can find for a laser is on a handgun where ranges are short and stalth is not likely an issue. Rifles? Maybe on a military rifle using a military grade laser with infrared spectrum, so only folks with night vision can see it.

Just my opinion.

locutus 06-01-2012 09:28 PM

I would only put a laser on a rifle if it was an invisible infra red laser to be used with night vision googles. I see no use for a laser if your opponent can see it.

SSGN_Doc 06-01-2012 09:54 PM

Visible lasers can be fun for teasing the cat. (before anyone says you shouldn't point a gun with a mounted laser at anything you aren't willing to kill or destroy, you need to understand that I don't like cats unless they are stir fried or slow cooked.)

Chandler51 06-01-2012 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by jdex851
Debating adding a laser/light combo over my scope. It seems like it would be relatively cheap addition.

Sorry, I replied earlier with pistols in mind. If for a rifle, I'm with the other guys. I vote no.

orangello 06-01-2012 10:07 PM

Sure, move into an abandoned coal mine & don't run the lights. ;)

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